‘Dated – Love online after 50’ – Podcast by Hilary Harper

Male Escort Melbourne – 17 March 2024



For some women, the idea of dating or looking for love, companionship, sex, a good time, or whatever you may be after, may seem a bit harder as you get older. But the thing is, it’s not! You can find someone, and you can ‘put yourself back out there,’ at any age, and find what you’re looking for.




This blog is about a podcast, ‘Dated’, that I heard a few weeks ago, by Hilary Harper,  host of Life Matters on ABC radio.




It explores the modern age of dating. With all the online apps, a lot of dating has changed from the way it was years ago.
And with change comes opportunity, or as Hilary found out, a lot of learning and perhaps dishevelment along the way.




I’ve wrote a blog before about internet dating though reading it back again it does sound a bit cynical towards online dating, which I’m actually not cynical about anything – and hey, if you’re reading this, then you found me on the internet. So nothing wrong with meeting someone online!




It’s just who you’re meeting… Like I said in that blog, I’ve heard horror stories from a lot of women who have tried internet dating, though I thought it would be interesting to hear Hilary’s story.




If you’d like to give online dating a try, do your research, and go for it. If not, I’m always here 🙂 It depends what you may be looking for…






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