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Why not Tinder/dating apps/websites?

Male Escort Melbourne – 17 August 2021


Why not Tinder/dating apps/websites?



I see a lot of clients/lovers, and all of my clients/lovers have a different reason for contacting me.


A lot of my lovers find me because quite simply, they couldn’t be bothered with dating. They don’t have the time or the desire for a relationship, and would like something casual, professional, on their own terms, where they know that all their needs and desires will be met.


I have heard soooooo many stories about internet dating, and dating in general, from lovers. A small percentage of those stories are good, but unfortunately most aren’t.


So imagine this.. You’re single, you may have been in a relationship a while ago, and it’s ended. Or you may have been single for quite a while.


At the moment you’re at a stage in your life where you aren’t looking for a relationship. You want intimacy, fun, something casual. You’re a woman, and you want sex. There is nothing wrong with that! That’s healthy, that’s great, that’s natural!

You might have previously had a relationship, and right now you don’t want one, you just want to have fun.


So why not try an internet dating website, or an app, like tinder?


Well I’m not advising against it, because what you do is your decision! And that’s what you might want to do.

I’m just letting you know what you may have to be prepared for.


You just have to keep in mind, that even though you may be looking for a good time, no-strings-attached-sex, that if you go on Tinder you may find what you’re looking for, or you may not.

With that attitude then you have more chance of finding what you want, than someone who’s on Tinder looking for a man that actually cares about them.

It’s like a meat market out there, at least that’s how it seems a lot of the time.

You may find a great lover online, it’s not all doom and gloom. But unfortunately there can be potentially a lot of disappointment.

So you set up a profile. Before you even add any information, a profile picture, or even one sentence about yourself… You can expect around a hundred or maybe a thousand enquiries from men who want to fuck you, within the first few hours of your profile being live. Well maybe not that many, but still quite a lot.


I have one lover who back when she tried Timder or Eharmony it might have been, said that she had about ten messages within a few minutes of setting up a profile.


One guy messages her : “Hey, how are you?”

She replied “I’m good thanks, how are you?”

The guy messages back: “Do you have big boobs? I wanna fuck you. What would you like me to do to you?”

So she said if he was going to be a dick like that, she’d just message him back for a laugh, and she messaged: “I would love for you to suck my big juicy cock.”

That made him disappear, haha.


So you have to filter out and ignore (and block) all the creeps. Be warned there are many.


Then if you find someone you might be comfortable meeting, you might want to meet for a coffee or a drink before you go to the bedroom. Even if you’re a woman who wants a no-strings-attached sexual good time, you still want to make sure that you are attracted to the person.


Whereas most men on dating apps just want to fuck, and don’t care to even check if there is any chemistry, or good vibes.


I’ve heard of women who have met a guy from online, had coffee or dinner, and he hasn’t even offered to pay the bill for dinner, or even coffee.

And then when she’s politely said she wasn’t interested in pursuing things further, the guy has leaned in for the kiss, and she has had to run away.


Then if you find a guy that you do feel comfortable to take to bed, there is a really high chance that he is going to insist on not using a condom, and tell you that he’s had an sti check just last week.


If you get past that, and have sex, unfortunately there is a really huge chance that he will finish in 3-5 minutes, average maximum for a guy is eleven minutes, and then he will be ready to sleep, or leave.

I’ve met so many lovers who have let a man in, only to be left feeling disappointed, used, and taken advantage of, when they realise that unfortunately most men don’t even care about a woman reaching orgasm, or even enjoying sex.


And I’ve heard all sorts of funny, yuk, and disappointing stories.


But, if you are in the small percentage of women who have found a sexual partner online, who end up having a great time (often when this happens it’s after first having many disappointments), and have established a casual relationship – then that’s great! Though unfortunately things can still get sticky from there.


A lot of times, a woman meets a man who just wants sex, and then the woman finds she wants something more. And he doesn’t. This can make you feel upset, that feelings have got in the way.


But let’s say you’re the woman who doesn’t want a relationship, you want sex and not much feelings, you want to have a good time.

And you’ve found a casual partner that you’re having great fun with now and then.


Well, unfortunately while sometimes women want more than sex, and men don’t – It can often be the other way around as well.

You may want sex, and you’re having great sex.. But then the guy goes and falls in love with you.


Or maybe doesn’t fall in love with you, but just wants to see you more often than you want to see him, or he might want to call you all the time, or meet your friends. When you just want a simple good time.


You might want to be just completely casual, and then he wants something more.

You might want to be friends with benefits, but then he wants something more. Or less.


It can just get sticky. Feelings and sex are interrelated, and you can have sex without too much feelings – or feelings where you have established boundaries, and know where things are at.


You could find what you’re looking for, if you stick at it, and unfortunately maybe have to have a few bad experiences first.

If you know what you want, you can get it.

But a lot of women decide that rather than do all of this, which often they can’t be bothered doing, or may not have the time or energy for – that it can be much more beneficial to hire a professional. Get what you want, when you want it, how you want it.


These days we have online everything, and you can go online and organise a date or causal encounter. You can also go online and organise a date or casual encounter with a male escort. You can order anything online these days, including professional intimate partners, who really want to please you in every way, and fulfill your desires.


Do your research, and do what feels right for you.

You have the freedom.

The choice is yours, the whole world is at your fingertips.


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