Clean and Safe – Latest test results

Clean and Safe – Latest test results

4 June 2018

Booking a male escort can be a big decision, that can take a lot of thinking about before you decide to do it. While it can be normal, of course, to feel a little nervous before meeting; when you organise time with me, you don’t have any need to feel nervous, or worried.

With more than nine years experience, I’m sure I will have you feeling relaxed in no time.
With my confident, outgoing, friendly personailty, I guarantee complete satisfaction.
I love to make you feel wonderful, and I’m sure you will be more than happy with your decision to see me.
And, very importantly, I care about your health and safety.

I am as safe as can be, and I make sure to have a full std/sti (Sexually transmitted diseases/infections) screening every 3 to 4 months. Today I got the results of my latest tests, which I had done in the last week, and they are all clear, as they have always been.
I make sure to stay safe, so that I can give you a wonderful experience, where you can rest assured knowing that you are safe with me.




“I specialise in women’s happiness, health, and well-being; and your comfort and safety are paramount.
You can rest assured knowing that you are safe with me.”
– The Love Doctor


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