Hope is an attitude

3 June 2018

The following is from the calendar ’12 simple things to remember all year long’ for the month of June:

“Hope is a mental shift that we choose for ourselves as we tap into our inner reserves. When we decide to be hopeful, we open ourselves to discover the wisdom and strength we may not have known existed.
When we ask ourselves to stay positive and we answer the call, we are rewarded with the knowledge of what we have learned in life.
Our lessons, when viewed from this perspective, show us that things generally work out as they should.
With hindsight, we are able to understand how a greater plan has been working in our lives.”

I think hope is not only an attitude, or a way of life, but an essential quality to have. Without hope, life wouldn’t be so fun, indeed. Life wouldn’t be life as we know it.
We need hope, and it’s always good to keep hope. Having hope can affect every aspect of our life in a positive way, and the lives of people around us.

No matter what situations or circumstances life may seem to throw at us… There is always hope. Always.


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