Erotic Story – My Replenishment

Male Escort Melbourne – 13 August 2023

“It’s been eight months since I wrote about My Reawakening, where I first met Leo, and I’ve been meaning to write a follow up to that story. While it’s been a long time coming, here it is.. My Replenishment..


It’s eight months since my reawakening, when with the help of Leo, I rediscovered my sexuality, and since then, life has felt much better all around!



After that first passionate night, I knew I had to book Leo again, it just felt so amazing to be able to feel better than I’ve felt in so long! It’s like rediscovering a whole world that I thought was gone. Literally mind-blowing sex, passionate kisses, and everything. I think from that first encounter my consciousness has been expanded, my soul set free to explore!


I’ve booked Leo eight times, once a month, as it’s my special present to myself!


I feel more confident in myself every day, Leo has just made me feel so sexy, it’s amazing how my life has transformed since ‘my reawakening.’ 


I find myself daydreaming often, thinking of the sexy times we have together, and I get all warm and tingly, and wet..


I love always having that date in the calendar each month to look forward to. 


Our most recent rendezvous was last week, and, like all of our dates, it sure was one to remember!


I’d had a really busy week at work, and couldn’t wait to relax with Leo.


Not only that, I was really really horny! Since Leo had reawakened the sensual Goddess within me, I’d been getting more and more aroused, and hungry. 


I touched myself, and used my toys, much more than I used to – and each time I would think of Leo’s hard cock inside me, or the way he nibbles and sucks my clit just perfectly. And it makes me cum so hard, like as if he was there… and now he was about to be here again..


As soon as he walked through the door, we hugged, it was so good to be held again.


After holding each other in a nice big long hug, I looked into Leo’s eyes, and as he started to open his mouth to say hi, I suddenly just needed to kiss those luscious lips!


I kissed him, hard, passionately, and then furiously, and he kissed me the same. He could always feel what I wanted, and right now I wanted, and needed, to gobble him up! I felt insatiable, so hungry..


One of his hands was around my waist, the other caressing my hair, as his tongue was in my mouth, and my lips were completely his.



We kissed and kissed, and I could feel his cock, already hard, pushing into my belly. He lowered his hips a bit as we kissed, and his cock was pressing into my groin, making me wetter.



I love how the foreplay would start even while we still had our clothes on!


The hand that Leo had around my waist had moved to my butt, and then his hand that was caressing my hair moved to my butt as well. 


I felt both of Leo’s hands on my butt, and he lifted me up, – and I jumped into his arms as he lifted me.. wrapping my legs around him as he carried me to my bedroom. Yum!


As he lowered me onto the bed, his kisses went from my lips, to my neck, and oh fuck I could feel myself getting wetter, and I just needed him so much. 


When he paused for a brief second, I collected my thoughts enough to be able to grab his shirt to pull it off, and we both undressed each other in a frenzy. As our clothes came off Leo grabbed me tight, and I just melted right into him, aaahh, the best feeling ever.


Our naked bodies slid against each other, as we kissed, and caressed, passionately devouring each other. Leo was moving his hips around in a perfect pattern that was making his cock rub against my sex, and flicking my clitoris on each cycle. Sooooo good!


I could feel I was getting wetter and wetter, and hotter, and I needed to feel him inside of me so much.. I reached down and grabbed his cock, not even able to wrap my hand around it as it’s so thick.. and guided it into my pussy.. Leo had been rubbing his shaft against my wet pussy, making me wait a bit longer, feeling the urge build up even more, but I couldn’t take it anymore, and just needed to pull him into me.


Leo groaned, and as he thrust into me a few times, I could feel his dick growing even bigger. It was so big, it made me feel like every time was our first time, as he always stretched my pussy further than she’s ever been stretched before.


Leo held me and we rolled over, so that he was laying on his back, and I was on top of him – he always seemed to read my mind, and know exactly what I wanted, when I wanted!



And at times when I wanted something in particular, like if I wanted him to suck my nipples, fuck me in a certain position, or lick his finger and ever so gently massage my arse as he was eating me, or inside me – he’d told me that communication was one of the important parts of sex that unfortunately a lot of couples didn’t properly use, and that I could tell him, or ask him, anything, at any time. And he could do the same to me.


As I sat on his cock, I could feel every inch of his hardness so deep inside me, and every time I moved up and down it sent tingles, powerful sexual energy, all through me, as my pussy wrapped around him, pulling him deeper into me.


I could feel my first orgasm building up, and I needed it so much. I rode Leo’s cock harder and harder, my hands on his pecs, and his hands on my hips, and grabbing my butt. I was riding it deeper, harder, faster, until…. Aaaaahhh, I cum so hard, I couldn’t think of anything except the complete bliss I was feeling.



I lay in bliss, as I collapsed onto Leo, and lay my weight on him. My pussy pulsated around his cock, the after-shocks of my orgasm feeling so powerful.



For what seemed like an eternity, but was probably a few minutes, I lay catching my breath, before we finally spoke, and greeted each other. We’d done that a few times now, at the start of our visit just get straight into it! And other times we had talked, cuddled, and then slowly got more intimate. But like I said, Leo seemed to know each time exactly what I wanted.


After a while of laying and talking, while Leo’s cock throbbed inside of me, I started to move, riding it again, slowly. I reached down and started rubbing my clit, my vagina was so wet and juicy, and Leo’s cock was covered in my juices, mmm. We were saturated.


“Here, let me help you with that,” Leo said, sliding out from under me, making me whimper as his dick slid out of me, and he rolled me onto my back. 


His fingers reached down and circled my clit, nice and slowly, and with just the right amount of pressure.. He massaged my lips, my clit, slid his fingers in and out of me, it all felt just right. As he swirled those fingers around, making my head swirl, he trailed kisses down my neck, and spent a while sucking my nipples, making me moan and wriggle with every suck.. And then kisses down lower, lower, lower, until.. his fingers slid inside my cunt, as he kissed my pussy, my labia, my clitoris, nibbled, and sucked. I could lay like this forever!


I lay back, moaning and wriggling, while his lips, tongue, and fingers made me feel so perfect. I could feel him drinking in my juices, and I loved it. Especially knowing that he’d told me he loved it. 


I cum on his tongue and fingers and lips, again, and again…


After that we lay for a while, and then went and drank champagne in the spa, Leo massaging my shoulders while hugging me, me sitting on his lap in the water, talking about anything and everything. Laughing, chatting, drinking each other in.


This was what it was all about, being able to completely share myself with someone, and have him completely feel me, and me completely feel him.


After our spa, we snuggled into bed, and I lay on Leo’s chest, while he stroked my back, and tickled me all over. Purrrrr..


My hands started to wander as well, across his hard, muscles, his arms, his chest.. and I reached down to Leo’s shaft. It was still rock hard, and I could feel more pre-cum on the top of his cock. I needed to taste it, so I wriggled down the bed, and heard Leo moan in pleasure as I wrapped my lips around it, and went down on him. I always loved having his cock in my mouth, feeling and tasting the delicious pre-cum flowing into me. Mmmm…


“Mmm, that feels so fucken good.. I need to eat you as well..” Leo said, between moans.



He reached down and grabbed my hips, lifting me up onto his face.



I felt his tongue slide inside of me, while I sucked his cock deeper into my mouth.



His tongue came out of my dripping wet pussy, and circled my clit, while his fingers slid back into me, thrusting, twisting, circling inside me..



Then I felt his tongue on my butt, while I’m sucking him. Fuck he knows how much I love that. The first time we’d tried that, I had never had my butt licked before, and he asked if I liked it.. and mmm hmmm I sure did!


I cum on Leo’s face quite a few times, until I needed to lay down and rest for a bit. I lay in Leo’s arms, and we talked and laughed some more. Our time together always felt incredibly sensual, and time seemed to stop while we were together.


Complete. Bliss.




After a while of laying, I stroked Leo’s cock, and I needed him back inside me one more time. He climbed on top of me, and his thickness plunged right into me. Being wrapped around his thick hard cock made my pussy feel so tight, like it was the first time again.. 


He made love to me, fucked me, in all kinds of positions, his cock filling my wetness completely.


I could feel my sex getting so deliciously creamy, and I could feel that he was almost ready to cum, and then he told me he was nearly there. 


Well, he had been nearly there the whole time, but he loves staying right at the edge, being always one thrust away from cumming, and staying right in that yummy spot, mmm. But now he had to cum.



“Where do you want me to cum?” he asked, breathing heavily, as he was so close.


“Can I have you cum on my breasts this time?” I asked. “I’ve thought about that so much, it sounds so hot.”



“I sure can,” he said, and almost instantly, as he drew his cock out of me, he flicked the condom off, and let out a gigantic roar, as he climaxed, thick spurts of that delicious fertile creamy cum all over my breasts.. It felt so dirty, and naughty, but in a sexy tantalising way..



As the last of his cock juice dripped all over me, he slid two fingers inside me, and I orgasmed again, soooo hard!


Fuck! Yum!


As Leo lay down next to me, I snuggled into him, we shared more passionate kisses, and I knew in this moment that I was complete.


My sex was full.


My body and heart full of love.


I was replenished.


This, every time, is My Replenishment.”

– This has been a fictional story, based on what can be very real events.

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