Dark history of marriage, by Bailey Sarian

Male Escort Melbourne – 12 February 2023


Bailey Sarian is an awesome YouTuber, known for her video series Murder, Mystery & Makeup. and her podcast Dark History.



If you haven’t seen her videos, I’d suggest you take a peek! Highly recommended by me, she is cool as to listen to, and watch, and shares some awesome interesting facts about just, well super interesting stuff! With her sense of humour, sass, and fact researching, it’s just interesting all around!



Good vibes.



So this video by Bailey that I’m going to share with you today is about the dark history of marriage. Of course while marriage can be great for some, well mostly it’s not for everyone!



And it’s just interesting to know the origins of where the whole institution of marriage came from. Makes you kinda wonder, why do we still do it?



Anyway.. Bailey, over to you babe!




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