As happy as a fish in water

24 November 2020 – Male Escort Melbourne

As happy as a fish in water

A few days ago, on my way home to the farm (yes, I have a home in Melbourne, and a home on the farm in Beautiful Southwest Victoria) I decided to stop by Ballarat Fish Hatchery, and buy some fish, to stock our farm dam, which is abundant with aquatic life.

I bought 150 brown trout, and 150 rainbow trout, and released them into one of our dams. It was such a nice feeling releasing them into their new home:

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I also have a whole bunch of stuff I’m interested in, and like to blog about all different kinds of things. And while I’ve never released fish into a farm dam before now, and I’m not into fishing, I just thought why not write a blog about it.

Just because. I’m as happy as a fish in water.

And if you’d like to feel that extra bit happier, you know where to find me.

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