16 October 2020 – Male Escort Melbourne – Progress


“If people ask me ‘what does it take to be happy?’ I always tell them one word – Progress. Progress equals happiness. Even if you’re not where you want to be yet – If you’re on the road, if you’re improving, if you’re making progress, you’re gonna love it. You’re going to feel alive.”

– Tony Robbins


This is a great description of how making progress can help make us feel alive, feel great, and bring happiness.


Moving forward. Growing. Progressing along our chosen pathway, whatever that may be.


Life is a journey, and as long as we’re on that journey, and making progress, we feel alive!


It doesn’t matter what kind of progress that is – Whether it’s progressing your career or mission, raising a family, growing as a person, finding what you’d like to do, setting goals, increasing your fitness, spiritually evolving, learning a new recipe and cooking it, reading a book you love, finding peace and contentment, discovering and learning new things.


There are so many ways to reach happiness, and there are so many ways to make progress!


From the dictionary:




  1. forward or onward movement towards a destination. “the darkness did not stop my progress”


Progress is any onward movement, but the thing is, it’s not just towards a destination. Life is all about the journey!


And as long as we’re on that journey, whatever that journey entails for you – We feel alive.


Love every day. Be grateful, and thankful for every day.


The world is beautiful, and we are so blessed to be here, and to have the opportunity to live!


No matter how you spend your days, and what you get up to – The important thing is to love each day, and love yourself.

You are making progress, and the more you realise that, the happier you will be.


The more goals you set, and accomplish, the happier you will be! Even on a daily level, having a simple list of things you want to do that day, and then getting them done – that’s progress baby!


Let’s move forward on our journeys, whatever they may be…


And be as happy as we can.


“Happiness comes from progress. Progress shows up in the form of growth, and in a sense of contribution.”

– Tony Robbins


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