Rainy Night Coffee Shop Ambience

5 October 2020 – Male Escort Melbourne

What a beautiful piece of music this is. 8 hours of Rainy night coffee shop ambience, with relaxing jazz

A few days ago, after I’d finished a workout, and was about to prepare a protein shake, I searched YouTube for some ambient music, as I often do – A change from my workout music playlists. And I was delighted to find this beautiful piece.

Not only does it have the soulful relaxing jazz music, but also the sound of the rain.. So you really can imagine yourself in a coffee shop on a rainy night – or anywhere for that matter!

I’ve listened to it quite a lot, and it now has a special place in my heart.

Next time you’d like to listen to some relaxing, ambient music – maybe while working, studying, performing household tasks, or just laying and relaxing – Why not give this a go?

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