20 October 2018

With social media these days, it’s easier than ever to share things online, and Instagram has become a very popular way for people to share photos.

All kinds of photos are on Instagram, and one kind of photo that is quite common, is the Selfie, or self-portrait photo.

Nowadays there are selfie-sticks, and everything. The Selfie has become a world-wide phenomena. But what does this say about our culture? Are some people over-confident, and love showing photos of themselves?
Are some people lacking in confidence, and want to show photos of themselves so that people can press ‘Like’ on them, to make them feel more confident?
Are some people going with the flow, and posting photos of themselves online, just because everyone else is?

Or, do we simply take Selfies because we can, and it can be fun? A good way to share things about ourselves with others?

Whatever the reason, Selfies are here to stay. So I thought, why not take a few selfies…



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