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24 September 2016
A few weeks ago I started reading “Men are from earth, Women are from Earth.. Deal with it,” by Sandra Marchetti, and said I’d write a review on my thoughts of it. Well, here goes:

Do you sometimes feel like you and your partner are from different planets? Well, you’re not alone. For centuries, people have thought sometimes that men and women are so different, that we may be from different planets. Well, we know it’s just a saying, and that we are from the same planet, but this book helps to bring us down to earth about it even more.
Sandra Marchetti’s “Men are from earth, Women are from Earth.. Deal with it,” is an ideal book for any man or woman to read, whether in a relationship or not. I found that it is a book that I think anyone would be able to learn something from. Or at least consolidate what we might already know, with a nice witty style of writing.
As well as being an author, Sandra is a clinical hypnotherapist , who deals a lot with people with relationship issues.  The book is written based on the real life stories of Sandra and people she has experience with. It’s a down to earth eye-opener for men and women, told with wit and humour.
As well as touching on a lot of subjects and scenarios, the main take-home message of the book is that men and women need to Communicate properly. Some people have it covered, but almost everyone could agree that they could see how sometimes it would be better if their partner, or themselves, just communicated better with each other! It would solve a lot of problems, don’t you think?
The book acknowledges that there is no ‘perfect’ relationship, and that relationships have to be worked on if they are to survive and thrive, and that the main thing necessary is good Communication.
While Sandra makes reference to earthlings, martians, and venusians, I found I was laughing through a fair bit of the book, as a lot of the stories and scenarios told are funny, and everyone who reads it would be able to think, at least sometimes “Ah, I know what she means there!”
I found it a nice easy read, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to know a little more about the differences and similarities between how men and women think, and how to get along better. It’s written in a style that may not be comfortable for everyone to read, though I enjoyed it.
In terms of content, and the witty humour with which it’s written, this book sits highly on my shelf; though there were a few typos (I pick up typos really easily) and in a few areas the author seemed quite opinionated, so overall I give it a 6.9 out of 10.
Definitely worth reading if you think it might appeal to you, and you like stories told with a bit of humour to make them even more real. If you do read it, feel free to contact me to share your thoughts.




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