Safety first

31 March 2016
In the last few days I have had my latest full STD screening, which I get every few months, and the results are clear, as they always have been.
The way I see it, safety is important.
In my more than seven years of being a male escort, one thing I’ve been shocked to find is that there are so many women, particularly in their late 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, who may have had an average of 2-3 sexual partners in their lifetime, and who have never used a condom before… Not everyone of course! But more than one would expect.
I’ve found this quite surprising.. To have many women’s first experience of sex with a condom to be with me, and a bit later in their life than one would imagine.
Maybe part of the reason for this happening is that, until recently (around the last decade), unfortunately sex education in schools has been sub-standard.. And unfortunately a lot of parents, especially in the past, haven’t taught their children/young adults about sex education.
I was starting secondary school in the early 2000’s, and in those days, sex education in school, both primary and secondary school, was almost non-existent .. At the time an STD was simply known as a long distance phone call! Though back then the earliest modern mobile phones were just hitting the market, and Motorola flip-phones were all the go.. So it was a while ago.. 😉
I can imagine sex education in schools before then being totally non-existent. Thankfully, it is developing more now in the school curriculum.
Or maybe it’s because of Australia’s drinking culture.. From the stories I’ve heard, almost all of the time when too much alcohol is involved, the idea of safe sex, especially for males, but sometimes for females as well, goes straight out the window. Sometimes even just 2 or 3 drinks can be enough!.. And that’s definitely not a good thing!
For some women, for all different reasons, the idea of having sex with a male escort can be a difficult choice, because of past experiences.
Thankfully in choosing to see me, you can know that you’re in safe hands.






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