2 March 2021 – Male Escort Melbourne


Floating Islands



I love gardening, I love water, I love plants, and I love aquatic plants. And especially water lillies.



One of my latest projects is to create a floating island, of waterlillies, and other beautiful plants.



A few months ago I wrote about establishing waterlillies in a dam that has a large population of yabbies, and I said I’d keep you updated.



Well, it didn’t go too well, hehe! It was worth a try, but unfortunately within a few days the yabbies had already infiltrated the plants – with small yabbies that could fit through the wire mesh, sneaking through and just eating all of the plants.



Though I’m the kind of person who once I’m determined to do something, I’m going to do it.

There is always a way.

Life will find a way.



So I thought of ideas, and came up with the idea of making a floating island.


I used some rope to tie clumps of waterlillies together, and then introduced clumps of a variety of other water plants, from Myriophyllum propinquum, to Crassula helmsii, and Cyperus papyrus.


Building up a layer of topsoil to hold it together, this has created a nice little ecosystem!


And, better still, the island provides shelter and habitat underneath it for the fish that I’ve put in the dam, helping to keep them safe from hungry water birds.


There are a few yabbies in and on the island, but not many – As the yabbies feel safer in deep water, and stay near the bottom of the dam.



Rather than have it anchored in the middle of the dam, in which case the yabbies would climb up the rope, and eat all the plants, I’ve put a rope above the water, across the dam, holding the island in the middle. This stops the yabbies climbing up to it, and also prevents the island from floating to the edge of the dam, inviting the yabbies to climb aboard!


Also I’ve tied a few milk and juice bottles to the island, to help it float while it establishes.


The floating island is developing really well, and looks quite beautiful.



It is good for the dam, good for the fish, and could be a prototype to show what can be possible on a large scale, in large bodies of water – to help minimise evaporation, improve water quality, and increase biodiversity.




And it helps to establish waterlillies in the dam – The Goddess Flower.



Floating Island – With Cleopatra the Pug in the background, wondering what I’m doing in the dam, Lol.

One of the waterlilly flowers about to bloom – Later in the day after I took these photos, the beautiful pink flower was wide open

A prototype to show what can be possible in large scale situations. Floating islands in large bodies of water can help to minimise evaporation, improve water quality, and increase biodiversity.


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