Covid fully vaccinated

Male Escort Melbourne – 8 July 2021 – Covid Fully Vaccinated


I have been fully vaccinated (well, as much as we can be) from covid-19, with the Pfizer vaccine.

Well… what to say. It’s been a big and crazy year last year, and this year as well.


Along with all of our brothers and sisters, across the world, we are fighting a global pandemic.

I have a friend who is quite pessimistic, and posted on his Facebook some kind of meme at the end of 2020 saying ‘If you thought 2020 was bad, wait until you see 2021!’ Lol.

And in a way that meme is right. The COVID19 coronavirus knows no calendar years, and it knows no borders. It just wants to replicate, and survive. But unfortunately killing a lot of us in the process. It will continue no matter what calendar year it is.


However I’m always an optimist.

And as a people, we have hope. We have faith. And we, as people, as brothers and sisters, as a global family – while we have our differences, we come together in times of crisis. We are going to do our best to stop this virus, I believe this.

You may be thinking I’ve been watching too much of The Last Ship on Stan, but I am an eternal optimist, and I think we will come together; and we’ve got this.

However you think this might have happened – whether a cat or a puppy snuck into a laboratory in Wuhan, and with its furry tail knocked over a test tube full of coronavirus, to be unleashed upon humankind – Or if, despite what conspiracy theorists might think, it was just a natural zoological mutation, of a virus from animals suddenly spreading to and being fatal to humans, just because – It doesn’t matter where it came from, but it’s here to stay.

We are SO lucky. At the start of the pandemic, there was no vaccine for it. Now there is, thanks to collectively millions of hours work by scientists discovering it, creating it, and now health specialists implementing the rollout of the vaccine – with the help of political leaders, though not so much in Australia yet, when compared to our global counterparts.

“We are not safe, until we’re all safe.” You’ve heard that slogan, right? And it’s true.

Humankind as a species would still survive this virus, even if we didn’t do anything, took no action.

But millions of people would unnecessarily lose their lives. Millions of loss of life, talent, and love. Probably you, and probably me included.

And then after the next virus, and the next, if managed the same way, we would end up with a world full of narcissists and psychopaths.

We’d be a race of donald trumps and Boris Johnsons. Lol.

Well Boris might not be so bad, I don’t know, I don’t follow politics too much… But anyone who knows anything about anything knows that trump is a psychopathic narcissist (note that I don’t even give his name capital letters, because he doesn’t deserve it.)

We are all better than that. We help each other, and we care for each other.


We have hope, faith, and love.

And with hope, faith, and love, defeating anything is possible!

We will all be safe, or as safe as can be, once everyone has been fully vaccinated.

If you can, if you are eligible, please do it.


(We should already be in a position to have everyone eligible to receive a vaccine , but the Australian federal government has one of the worse vaccine rollouts in the world, and plus, sometimes good things take time.)

I’m 33 years old, so unfortunately I’m not sure if I would yet qualify for any vaccinations in Australia… but luckily I got a referral letter from my GP, who knows what I do, to get me vaccinated against COVID19.


Especially with the amount of close contact I have with people, I think this is really important.

So a couple weeks ago, I received my second Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination.

We all have to play our part in protecting everyone.


Too many people think of themselves when deciding whether to get vaccinated or not. This is selfish.

Most people who choose not to get vaccinated don’t think that they are selfish. They just either don’t want to take responsibility, or they aren’t properly educated on the facts, or they just decide not to believe the facts.


Maybe they think that it’s too early to know if the vaccination is safe? Well the facts are, acquiring the virus, and inevitably spreading it, is much less safe than the vaccination.

You may decide to catch the virus when you are inevitably exposed to it, and develop a natural immunity.


But what about the people that you infect, while you have it?

What about the uncontrollable spread of the virus, and the sickness and deaths that occur, unknown to you, because YOU decided to let yourself inevitably catch it?

The vaccine significantly helps to prevent acquiring COVID-19.


It significantly helps to prevent you from getting sick, and dying, from the virus.


And if you get the virus and don’t even know, the vaccine significantly helps you to prevent the spread of it to others – by making you have a lower viral load, and making you much less contagious.

I LOVE life, I want to be here as long as I can, and do the best for everyone I can.. To never come into contact with anyone without hopefully making their life better by us meeting.


But the lives of everyone, are more important than my own.


So I get vaccinated, to protect not just me, but all of us.

We are all important, and we are not safe until we are all safe.

If you can get vaccinated now, why not?

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  1. As usual your words are so well written. I totally agree we all have to step up and get vaccinated. We have to look after each other. I get my second dose next week! Yay! Unfortunately the roll out of the vaccine has not been handled as well as it should have been. Hopefully all will be picking up pace very, very soon. I am very proud of you stepping up and doing your part in this fight. It is a fight for our lives and like you I still have many more things to do in my life😘

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