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You’re always safe with me

You’re always safe with me

22 May 2017
I’ve blogged a few times about the importance of staying safe, and well it’s that time of year again. Every few months I have a full STI screening, for my peace of mind, and yours! I’d never want to catch any nasties, and definitely wouldn’t want to spread anything to anyone! Our health is important.

“He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.”
— Quote by Thomas Carlyle.

Thankfully, I’m very safe, and you can rest assured that you’re safe with me. Your health and well-being is in good hands.
Last week I had my latest tests, and have got the results today, and it’s all clear, as it always has been.
I love to be able to share a new and wonderful experience with you, and have you be able to know that you’re safe with me.





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