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Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

30 May 2017
Do you have that friend who you think could benefit from a bit of intimacy, to have someone fully dedicated to making her feel great about herself?

Everyone could do with a touch of love 🙂
Would you like to buy someone a gift  to remember, something that is a bit different, and not the normal kind of gift voucher you give someone when you think to give them a massage or beauty treatment gift voucher?

Well wait no longer, I now have Gift Vouchers available, that can be purchased for any amount, and valid for 12 months.
Whether it’s for a Birthday or Christmas present; Mother’s Day, or Valentines day present, (yes, I know, not the thing most people might buy for their mother on Mother’s Day, but still!) … Or just a present to a friend, for no particular reason other than to show them you care.. This can be a nice present for any occasion.


You never know when a touch of love in the form of a gift voucher could be the perfect gift 😉



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