10 Amazing Date Ideas with me in Melbourne

Male Escort Melbourne – November 30, 2022 Nervous about booking me the first time? Or maybe you’re not sure how to take things forward and want to meet me first to see how things go from there? Most of the time, I meet someone for the first time in their home, hotel room, or in […]

5 Dating Tips from the Love Doctor

Male Escort Melbourne – 21 November 2022 5 Dating Tips from the Love Doctor I meet quite a few women of different walks of life in my career. While a lot of them are happily single and choose to be so (and there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s for sure!), there are others who would […]

How the TV Show Hung Explores Female Sexuality and Empowerment

Male Escort Melbourne – 27 October 2022 This show is just one of the few that I’ve watched twice or even three times – it’s that awesome! I’ve wrote about Hung before, in my blog post here It’s about the unconventional portrayal of a female pimp, Tanya and a male escort/companion, Ray, who join forces […]

You are safe with me

Male Escort Melbourne – 14 October 2022 As you’ll know if you’ve looked through my blog a little, I make sure to be as safe as can be, and have a complete sexual health screening every three months. I just thought to let you know that I’ve recently had my latest tests, and all clear, […]

What if you get a period when we are together?

Male Escort Melbourne – September 22 2022 To be or not to be We’re talking about something that’s completely natural, and isn’t often really in our control. Of course it’s not something that any of us would prefer in an ideal situation, but life in general isn’t ideal, is it? There might be a situation […]

Reasons you should use lube even if you feel ‘independent’ down there

Male Escort Melbourne – September 4 2022     You’re having an amazing time under the sheets, with someone else or with you exploring yourself. Doesn’t it feel good when things that are supposed to go in just slide in with no effort at all? You feel great and sure that things that would be […]

How often should you masturbate?

Male Escort Melbourne – August 21 2022 Self-love is a topic that’s being widely discussed right now as something that should be practiced by everyone for a good, wholesome life. It’s highly recommended often that you should invest in yourself and your growth, take care of your body, pamper yourself every now and then, and […]

Things we can all learn from Clarke Griffin of The 100

Male Escort Melbourne – 6 August 2022 The one and only Netflix show that I’ve watched more than once is The 100 – three times to be precise! And this show totally deserves it. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend you do so. One of the many things I love about this […]

There’s a Goddess within you

Male Escort Melbourne – July 25, 2022 There’s a Goddess within you… Recently I got a statue of The Goddess Venus – a gorgeous addition to my humble abode, The Sanctuary! This glorious piece, though just recently added to my collection, has become one of my most favourite of all. Venus is the Roman Goddess […]

How much PDA is okay?

Male Escort Melbourne – 18 July 2022     PDA (public displays of affection) is quite a common sight in Australia, with couples young and old not hesitating to show their affection through physical gestures in public places. In fact, a study with 2,000 participants found that over two thirds (58%) of Australians believe that […]