Latest Photos

Latest Photos Male Escort Melbourne – 16 October 2021 It’s been waaaaaayy too long since the last photo shoot – I’ve just been busy, and then with all the lockdowns, have had to book and rebook photographers, and plans change. Anyway, I finally got some photos done along the way, and I’ve also added a […]

Latest test results are in

Male Escort Melbourne – 1 September 2021 Latest test results are in I make sure to always be as safe as can be, and also to have a complete sexual health screening every three months. And the results of my latest test results are in – and are all clear, just like I ensure they […]

SimplySxy article

SimplySxy Article Male Escort Melbourne – 25 August 2021 I was recently approached by an editor at SimplSxy and asked if I could write an article for their website. I’ve never been the type of person to say ‘hey look at me!’ and want to write articles all over the internet to advertise my services. As […]

Taking Matters in Your Own Hands? Better to Go Solo Than Sorry!

Male Escort Melbourne – 20 August 2021 Taking Matters in Your Own Hands? Better to Go Solo Than Sorry! When it comes to women’s pleasure, and more so self-pleasure, it’s often considered rather an option or something mysterious that’s just too difficult to attain. Since the dawn of civilisation, femininity and female pleasure have been […]

Why not Tinder/dating apps/websites?

Male Escort Melbourne – 17 August 2021   Why not Tinder/dating apps/websites?     I see a lot of clients/lovers, and all of my clients/lovers have a different reason for contacting me.   A lot of my lovers find me because quite simply, they couldn’t be bothered with dating. They don’t have the time or […]

Covid Fully Vaccinated

Male Escort Melbourne – 8 July 2021 – Covid Fully Vaccinated I have been fully vaccinated (well, as much as we can be) from covid-19, with the Pfizer vaccine. Well… what to say. It’s been a big and crazy year last year, and this year as well. Along with all of our brothers and sisters, […]

We all have different stories

Male Escort Melbourne – 18 June 2021 We all have different stories We all have stories, of where we started, how we got to where we are. We all have a story to tell. Many stories actually. What has happened to us? Everyone has their own story. The most important thing to know, is that […]

Pregnant or lactating? No problem!

Male Escort Melbourne – 9 May 2021   Pregnant or lactating? No problem! I often see women of all different ages, life circumstances, and in different times of this wonderful journey we call life. And one of those times is pregnancy. Pregnancy can be an enjoyable time of life – Sure maybe some don’t enjoy […]