Male Escort Melbourne – March 13, 2023   Welcome to a journey of change! We are all on a journey of change – throughout life, throughout history, throughout the world, change is happening whether we like it or not! So why not embrace it? Let’s not just change, let’s make progress. In whatever area of […]

Sacred Sex – With Your Male Escort Melbourne

Male Escort Melbourne – 22 February 2023 Our culture unfortunately still has a lot of hang-ups when it comes to sex. A lot than a lot of other cultures thank goodness, and we are making progress every day. But still a lot of us are subconciously, by our family and/or friends, and/or advertising, taught to […]

Dark history of marriage, by Bailey Sarian

Male Escort Melbourne – 12 February 2023     Bailey Sarian is an awesome YouTuber, known for her video series Murder, Mystery & Makeup. and her podcast Dark History.     If you haven’t seen her videos, I’d suggest you take a peek! Highly recommended by me, she is cool as to listen to, and watch, […]

Why crying is good for you

Male Escort Melbourne – 7 February 2023 Crying is good? This might sound counterintuitive to many, though it doesn’t come as a surprise considering the societal conditioning that a lot of us go through while growing up. If a child falls down, scrapes a knee and starts crying because of it, the first thing that […]

Mutual respect and safety

Male Escort Melbourne – 25 January 2023 You may have heard all sorts of horror stories about male escorts, and that can be a bit disheartening. Or you may well be a little hesitant about contacting a male escort/companion, because you’re not sure if you’d be safe. That’s why I’m here to tell you that […]

No matter what, Never let go of Hope

Male Escort Melbourne – 20 January, 2023 A while ago someone asked me if I was following anyone in the World Cup, to which I replied, not really, as I don’t follow sports. But right then she had a smile and voiced, I hope Morocco wins. Though we all know now that Morocco didn’t make […]

The Love Doctor Fireman Calendar 2023

Male Escort Melbourne – 23 December 2022   I’ve just finished the final touches, on The Love Doctor Fireman Calendar, for 2023.   The calendar costs just $30, and $5 from every calendar sale gets donated to the CFA.   This year has been another wild and epic ride, and I wish you all the […]

Erotic story – My Reawakening

Male Escort Melbourne – 19 December 2022     “Sitting in the hotel room I’d booked, looking out the window at the view of Melbourne city, I was about to do something I’d never done before. But something that I longed for. I was about to see a male escort.     After being nervous […]

10 Amazing Date Ideas with me in Melbourne

Male Escort Melbourne – November 30, 2022 Nervous about booking me the first time? Or maybe you’re not sure how to take things forward and want to meet me first to see how things go from there? Most of the time, I meet someone for the first time in their home, hotel room, or in […]

5 Dating Tips from the Love Doctor

Male Escort Melbourne – 21 November 2022 5 Dating Tips from the Love Doctor I meet quite a few women of different walks of life in my career. While a lot of them are happily single and choose to be so (and there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s for sure!), there are others who would […]