A sneak peek…

21 October 2020 – Male Escort Melbourne  A sneak peek… A fun day yesterday, doing my DIY photo shoot for next year’s Love Doctor Fireman Calendar… This is something I do every year, it’s a whole bunch of fun, and a portion of each calendar gets donated to the CFA. Just a sneak peek, but do you […]

The Love Doctor’s favourite Quotes

The Love Doctor’s favourite quotes 18 October 2020 – Male Escort Melbourne The Love Doctor’s favourite quotes Quotes that I live by: Here is a collection of my favourite quotes, that I have amassed over the years! These are quotes that I’ve shared on my facebook page. Some are quotes that I really like, and […]


16 October 2020 – Male Escort Melbourne – Progress   “If people ask me ‘what does it take to be happy?’ I always tell them one word – Progress. Progress equals happiness. Even if you’re not where you want to be yet – If you’re on the road, if you’re improving, if you’re making progress, […]

Your Male Escort Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

9 October 2020 Male Escort Melbourne I love that I have the pleasure of being your male escort, across Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and Internationally. After quite a few years of not having updated the style of my website much at all, and with my blog posts all over the place – Now my website is […]

Rainy Night Coffee Shop Ambience

5 October 2020 – Male Escort Melbourne   What a beautiful piece of music this is. 8 hours of Rainy night coffee shop ambience, with relaxing jazz…   A few days ago, after I’d finished a workout, and was about to prepare a protein shake, I searched YouTube for some ambient music, as I often […]

Satisfyer – One of the best sex toys ever?

12 September 2020 – Male Escort Melbourne   Whether you use sex toys every few days, every day, or multiple times a day – it can be a great way to have some fun, and of course it’s a great thing to do, and nothing to be ashamed of – as I’ve wrote in a […]

Talking about seeing an escort

30 August 2020 | Male Escort Melbourne   In the eleven years since I’ve been your male escort, I’ve seen a lot of things change, in our culture around the idea of seeing an escort.   It is much more acceptable for women to see a male escort, than was even ten years ago. This […]

Welcome to my new Blog space..

29 August 2020 | Male Escort Melbourne   Sometimes, we feel like a bit of a change – and change is a good thing.    Is there any area in your life where you think that it might be time for change? Let me know.   So after a while of having my blog in this […]

Latest Photo Gallery

20 August 2020 | Male Escort Melbourne I love to keep my photos updated, so that you know what I look like before we meet. Even though one should never judge a book by it’s cover – I think it’s important to keep my photos up to date. This is from my recent photoshoot, in a […]

Sexual Health

13 August 2020 | Male Escort Melbourne Being your male companion of more than eleven years, I have always made sure, and will always make sure, to stay as safe as I can.  I value my health, and I value your health. We are so lucky to be alive, and it’s important to do our […]