Covid Fully Vaccinated

Male Escort Melbourne – 8 July 2021 – Covid Fully Vaccinated I have been fully vaccinated (well, as much as we can be) from covid-19, with the Pfizer vaccine. Well… what to say. It’s been a big and crazy year last year, and this year as well. Along with all of our brothers and sisters, […]

We all have different stories

Male Escort Melbourne – 18 June 2021 We all have different stories We all have stories, of where we started, how we got to where we are. We all have a story to tell. Many stories actually. What has happened to us? Everyone has their own story. The most important thing to know, is that […]

Pregnant or lactating? No problem!

Male Escort Melbourne – 9 May 2021   Pregnant or lactating? No problem! I often see women of all different ages, life circumstances, and in different times of this wonderful journey we call life. And one of those times is pregnancy. Pregnancy can be an enjoyable time of life – Sure maybe some don’t enjoy […]

Latest health and safety update

31 May 2021 – Male Escort Melbourne Latest health and safety update A few days ago, I received the results of my latest health checkup, which I have done every three months. I am all about being a positive difference in your life, in whatever way that may be. And I make sure to never […]

Book review time

Male Escort Melbourne – 18 May 2021     Book review time     I’ve always loved reading, and given that I’m so busy, and don’t have much time to pick up a book – plus I drive quite a lot, so I can make the most of time – I love listening to audiobooks. […]

YOU can achieve Anything!

29 April 2021 – Male Escort Melbourne YOU can achieve Anything!   This is one story told by Tony Robbins, about Sylvester Stallone’s journey into becoming an actor.   It’s really touching, and inspirational, and when I listened to it again a few days ago, I thought I just have to share it.     […]

Your male escort of 12+ years

8 April 2021 – Male Escort Melbourne    Your male escort of 12+ years    Being your male companion is something I’ve always wanted to do.   It’s a role that I love doing, and every day I am continually training my mind and body, to stay at peak performance.   Every day I see […]

You have the right to expect more from sex

7 April, 2021 – Male Escort Melbourne You have the right to expect more from sex All too often, I meet women who haven’t had good sex for a while – maybe they’ve been single, or maybe they’ve been in a relationship, or maybe they’ve (over the years) been in several relationships… many of those […]


Catastrophe 25 March 2021 – Male Escort Melbourne Catastrophe     Catastrophe is a comedy television show that I could watch about a million times, and still find funny! Well, I’d never watch something a million times, but you get my drift. It is created, written by, and stars Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, as […]

Can we talk on the phone?

22 March, 2021 – Male Escort Melbourne Can we talk on the phone?   These days we have so many forms of communication, it’s not just the good old telephone.   A lot of people still talk on the phone, but there are also a lot of people who prefer text message, and email. I’m […]