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Role play

Role play

16 May 2017

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts..”
– William Shakespeare


Who can deny all the world is a stage?

And, as the famous saying goes, we are all just actors upon it. Taking a role to suit our needs.

Some of us are more inclined to be in the limelight: Think actors, politicians or internationally known sports people. Those sorts of people who revel in the glare of publicity, seek out media attention and, seemingly, are forever promoting themselves and/or their causes or opinions.

Yet, at the end of the day, most such people are in a way just acting out a role expected of them by their public, their audience, their voters, as the case may be.


Not too much different, but without the attendant publicity, from the rest of us. We go through our lives acting out different roles. Roles which we adapt according to the particular circumstances we find ourselves in. Roles which we can perform well in public; in our day to day lives; roles which demand our public face.

Though I think this is definitely not to say that we are merely acting, as we all have different roles even during different parts of our day. We may have the role we play in the workplace, our role at home as a parent, the role we play when we see friends and family, compared to the role we have when we are at home spending time by ourselves. Just because we have different roles does not mean that we are acting, or ‘being fake.’ All of these roles are very real, and what make us who we are.


But what about in our private time? What about those roles we don’t really want others to know about, to see? Roles which may occupy that section of our brain which deals with or handles our secret fantasies and desires—more often than not of a sexual or erotic nature.

We all have this part of our brain, there’s no point to deny it. Just because it’s hidden in the recesses of our minds doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Role play in the bedroom in modern relationships has been around forever and a day but, as with everything else, the advent of the internet and worldwide communication has pushed sexual fetishes, foibles and awareness of so-called kinky behaviour to the fore. Absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Just because the female in the relationship might want to dominate (with or without her black leather bodice and whip); or wishes to be ‘on top’ during the sex act; wants her man to be her ‘slave’; or even enjoys wearing a strap on penis – doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t engage in such behaviour. Plus in a free, liberal society, just try stopping all of those people who wish to participate in such activities!

I get many requests for role play. This can be roleplaying in ways such as the lady in question being the nurse (uniform and all) and me being the doctor (stethoscope etc.).. Or doctor and patient.. Or teacher and student.. Or maybe the lady may wish to dominate and there have to be set procedures and protocols before, during and after intimacy.. Or the lady may wish to explore a submissive side, and request to have me completely dominate. From ‘”Vanilla sex,” to handcuffs and whips; From slow and sensual love-making, to any type of roleplay you may have in mind 😉

As I’ve said before, I’m seldom surprised at requests, as I have been asked to do quite a lot, and have plenty of experience of all sorts in and out of the bedroom.

While some may like roleplay of different sorts, there is of course, nothing at all wrong with a “plain vanilla” relationship or such activity—at the end of the day, it’s whatever role turns you on!



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