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Taking Matters in Your Own Hands? Better to Go Solo Than Sorry!

Male Escort Melbourne – 20 August 2021



Taking Matters in Your Own Hands? Better to Go Solo Than Sorry!



When it comes to women’s pleasure, and more so self-pleasure, it’s often considered rather an option or something mysterious that’s just too difficult to attain.



Since the dawn of civilisation, femininity and female pleasure have been associated with giving, putting everything else before yourself. In the early days, the whole point of female sexuality was to either give pleasure to the man or reproduce. Hence, women often feel inherently guilty of being just ‘too selfish’ when it comes to pure self-pleasure.



Ladies, haven’t you all been there at least once? A partner just too focused on him cumming rather than on whether you enjoyed it or not, or a Tinder date bringing in the most expensive of flowers on the first date, but when it came to doing the dance, they got to the point too soon with no foreplay at all. We have all been disappointed one time or the other.



Well, it’s a good thing that you don’t really need another person to help you reach that nirvana moment! Don’t take me wrong, you might need a few tips and tricks and it might even feel like a struggle in the beginning. But let me assure you this: self-pleasure can be potentially even more rewarding than the duet or even menage a trois!



Here are my tips to help you get the ultimate satisfaction from that self-love.



Pro Tips from the Love Doctor


1. Feel Sexy, Not Sorry!
Is it the case that every time your fingers get down to business, your brain just begins to perform its own Game of Thrones’ walk of atonement and yell shame, shame at you? Trust me, there can’t be a time more wrong than this to remember Cersei out of all the sexy stuff you could think of! Reaffirm to yourself: I’m beautiful, I’m sexy. Your body is a beautiful temple that goes through all the ups and downs of life for you. It more than deserves some ecstasy.


2. Your Brain Drives It
More than your fingers or your sex toys, it’s your brain that needs to get rid of all the distractions and really get involved. After all, it is the largest sexual organ in your body. Relax and understand that for some time it is just this and nothing else.


3. There’s Nothing Like Too Much Lube!
Lube is for your lady parts just how butter is for cooking: no amount is too much or too little. Even though your body self-lubricates when you’re aroused enough, it’s always a smart idea to keep a tube of lube handy if need be. It makes things super smooth (pun intended) and helps you avoid any rub burns later on.


4. This Is a No-Rush Zone
It wouldn’t work if you have that appointment after 30 minutes or that important meeting after 45. Your body is not going to understand and comply with time constraints. It needs its own time, its own pace. It has to be in sync with your brain for you to really enjoy the time with yourself. So, give it the time it needs to do so.


5. Your Whole Body Is an Erogenous Temple
Did you know that the most ancient and epic text on sexuality, the Kama Sutra, says that a woman can be aroused from almost all parts of her body, all the way from the head to the toes? Self-simulation is not limited to just the intimate parts, it involves other parts of the body as well. Start from the outside, then gradually move to the inside.


Compatible Positions


The Clitoris Explorer
If you are a clit girl, then your most favourable position would be to lie on your back. Of course it’s the most conventional position, but it’s also the best when it comes to clitoral orgasm. And remember, the clit is not to be just pressed again and again for simulation, for that you already have lift buttons. It’s meant to be caressed, stroked, and fondled with. Try moving your fingers in a circle as well to stimulate it.


Sit Down for Vajayjay
This position must sound weird, but trust me, it’s worth trying to discover your G-Spot, which is usually located 2 to 3 inches inside of your vaginal passage. It’s the most convenient for your fingers to go in. And remember, you should use a wide range of motions with it. Keep changing the pace of your strokes too.


Go Literally Literary
Always leave room for experiments. Read your favourite kinky and erotica literature to get that mood going! It encourages you to go out of the box and also gives you fantasies and scenarios you might not have imagined.

There are even amazing audiobooks available in this genre that you can explore to explore yourself.



Moving On
Remember one thing: There always comes a new day to begin again. If your initial endeavours weren’t good enough, don’t give up! Keep trying new ways of doing things. We are all different people with varying bodies and minds. What works for one might not work for another, which is natural. If you don’t experiment, how would you know yourself or communicate with any future partners what you like and don’t like? If you ask Leo the love doctor, self-pleasure is the ultimate portal of empowering yourself. Take care!



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