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SimplySxy article

SimplySxy Article


Male Escort Melbourne – 25 August 2021



I was recently approached by an editor at SimplSxy and asked if I could write an article for their website.



I’ve never been the type of person to say ‘hey look at me!’ and want to write articles all over the internet to advertise my services. As you’d see from a few google searches, most articles on the internet (in Australia) about male escorts are written about two or three male escorts. Some people actively seek out lots of attention, but I’m not like that, and only write for websites when I’m asked to by them.



As society has progressed so far in the last ten years, in terms of women feeling comfortable to book the services of male escorts, so I’m sure in the future this will continue – and there will be even more diversity of articles all over the internet, by different authors. This is a great thing. Information is to be shared, and life is to be lived and enjoyed, so let’s do it!



Here’s a little from the About section of SimplySxy:



“Do you love sex? We sure do!

What happens when you hear the word “Sex” being mentioned? Is there a feeling of embarrassment, excitement, reservation or even fear? No matter how different our feelings are, the one thing we have in common is inherent desire to enjoy sex. At SimplySxy, we’re dedicated to help you achieve and bring the best out of your sex lives.

Founded in 2013, SimplySxy is the leading sexuality platform whose mission is the expansion of sexuality knowledge and promotion of sex positivity. We’re committed to publishing thought-provoking articles by our experts and contributors, generate participative discussion among our community of readers, promote inclusiveness and champion sex positivity.

The SimplySxy reader is passionate, optimistic and adventurous. With high levels of enthusiasm for learning and a yearning to broaden their minds while embracing differences.

SimplySxy believes and strongly advocates:

Sex Positivity
Sexual Diversity & Equality
Sexuality Education
If you want to be a part of our mission, check out our join us page or simply drop us an email at contact@simplysxy.com …”



To view the article, Click Here

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