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2 April 2015

It’s totally okay to be shy 🙂

Isn’t everyone naturally shy sometimes?

Well, yes and no.

Before we consider the above question further, one other thing to be considered is: what actually causes shyness? Does it relate to a lack of confidence in one’s own abilities? Or maybe it’s just the way that certain people like to present themselves—for example, some people hesitate to give too much information, and this can be interpreted by others as being shy.  Yet again, it could be that in certain circumstances it’s best to say nothing, or at least very little, until the situation in question is clearer; after all, you can’t take back your words. 

On the other hand, even the most confident, outgoing, forward people have their moments when their confidence dries up, or they are stuck for words; or maybe even feel slightly embarrassed by the situation they find themselves in. Maybe it’s because it’s a new situation for them too, something they’ve not experienced before.

Some people find they are naturally shy, and that’s okay. You can still be shy and confident 🙂 Others find shyness rarely occurs.. Neither is a better type of personality trait, and we should never compare ourselves to others. You are who you are – so be who you are!

Whichever type of person you are with regard to being shy or being forward, it’s important to remember that you know yourself best. It’s also important to set aside any worries you may have about what others may think about you; about what you’ve done in the past or plan to do in the future; about how you lead your life and so on.

No-one, but no-one, knows what it’s like to have had your life experiences (good or bad); no-one knows what it’s like to live the life that you have lived so far. 

So, whilst it may not be in your character to be an outgoing extrovert, type of person, you don’t need to go completely the opposite and be shy and withdrawn; find a nice balance. Be confident in the abilities that you have; be confident in the way you present yourself, and always remember that, deep down, we are all the same. We all need to have food, shelter, clothing etc plus, of course, enough money to get by. We all long for love and signs of affection from those we call family and loved ones.

With meeting people as often as I do, I have seen many people who need to overcome hurdles and challenges regularly in their daily lives, often as a result of some misfortune they have suffered—and I always encourage them not to be shy in coming forward. Whether this is to do with problems associated with everyday living, talking about things, or even, perhaps, the first time meeting with me. 

In any event, don’t forget, shyness is not a fault; simply put on a brave face, grit your teeth, smile… let the world see you at your best, and go for it! And see how much better you’ll feel about yourself!







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