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Don’t worry: your concerns are unfounded

Don’t worry: your concerns are unfounded


21 April 2015

Are you apprehensive about picking up the telephone and calling me or sending me an email? Don’t worry!

Maybe nervous about our first meeting? There’s no need to be.

Concerned about what I might think, say or be like when we meet? Rest assured that I have heard and seen it all before—and in any event I am non-judgemental, open minded and, according to my clients, a nice understanding person!

Shy, perhaps, in the bedroom? Nothing to be worried about at all in that direction.

Let me say from the outset that I can understand all of your concerns in calling up and arranging to meet a “stranger” to be your man for the day or night. It’s not something that many women find particularly easy to do the first time. But let me set your mind at ease, and give you some great, initial advice: relax! 

Think of our meeting as our first date. Just remember how it used to be, when you probably had “butterflies” in your stomach before meeting your former boyfriend, fiancé or lover in the past. The excitement that you felt. The feelings of anticipation.

Meeting me will be fundamentally no different—except that I am here to please you, to make you happy—you and only you. As I said, I am non-judgemental and have a special way of making you feel good about yourself; of making you forget your worries and cares, have a wonderful time, and to feel much better for having done so. 🙂

Maybe that’s why so many of my clients keep coming back again and again. And I don’t necessarily mean the physical enjoyment I can offer – as well as the physical intimacy, many times my clients simply wish to have a good chat, maybe a candle-lit dinner, a show or movie, and a wonderful evening. Someone to cuddle at night, and someone to wake up with. 

Whether you choose a platonic, friendship type of arrangement or something more spicy, I am yours to command; yours to do what I know will make you happy on that particular occasion we are together. 

As for being intimate, you don’t have to be shy in the bedroom. I know there may be some nerves, some trepidation at first, but I will make you feel comfortable, make you feel at ease—and then let’s take it from there! 

A nice sensual non-sexual massage to start with, perhaps… then, as things warm up (and if that’s what you want), we can move on to something more active, something that involves giving you a great pleasurable experience—one which I sincerely hope you won’t forget in a hurry!

So, put all of your apprehension to one side and press the touch pad of the telephone and call me—or drop me an email. You won’t be disappointed! 



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