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The power of music

The power of music


25 March 2015

Who doesn’t love a good song? Who hasn’t found themselves singing along to a tune from the past or the present at some time or the other?

Almost all of us can relate some song or piece of music to an event or other occurrence in our lives. Certain memories stay with us or reoccur from time to time, and these are often accompanied by memories of a favourite tune.

It actually can work both ways. If you think back over some significant events in your life such as maybe passing your exams or your driving test, falling in love for the first time, maybe even getting engaged, I’m pretty sure you can recall some song or piece of music which was popular at that time or has some special meaning.

Conversely, often when people hear a certain song or tune, it brings back memories of what they were doing at the time or immediate recollections as to why the music has so much significance.

Music can be comforting, therapeutic, relaxing, sensual. Uplifting. It can sooth frayed nerves and make you forget some of your worries. It can help you recall the good times and help you through the bad times. Getting up and dancing around, even in the privacy of your own home, to a song that maybe brings back memories of times gone by is definitely helpful to your frame of mind. I even admit to sometimes getting out of my car, while stopping to get coffee along my travels, and dancing around to Pharrell Williams’s song “Happy”. Why not? 🙂

Or simply sitting around with a good book and having one of the classics from a century or so ago playing soothingly in the background can help leave your cares behind for a while.

In fact, maybe one of the key joys of internet websites such as YouTube is that you can search and find any songs that might be on your mind—and usually accompanied by a video, which can make it so much more fun, inspiring, relaxing, and/or meaningful. It’s wonderful to look back at artists you also may have forgotten, and see the fashions from 10, 20 or even 30 years ago—most of the time such memories bringing a broad smile to your face.

For those people lucky enough to be able to play music, whether this be the piano, a saxophone, a guitar or even a xylophone, again the process of playing a tune, of concentrating on what you are playing, of enjoying the sounds which originate, can take you away to a special place, somewhere from where your worries have been banished and the pleasures of creativity can wash over you.

So, next time you are feeling down, reach for your music selection or your instrument and enjoy yourself for however long it takes to lift your spirits, to get you feeling good about yourself, get your emotions soaring, and face the world with a brighter face!

Music can do this like nothing else, so what are you waiting for… go for it!




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