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Reasons you should use lube even if you feel ‘independent’ down there

Male Escort Melbourne – September 4 2022



You’re having an amazing time under the sheets, with someone else or with you exploring yourself. Doesn’t it feel good when things that are supposed to go in just slide in with no effort at all? You feel great and sure that things that would be coming next would feel even better and surely pleasurable.



Some women might think that using lube means that your vagina isn’t wet enough, that it should be wet, and not need lube.


Well sometimes lube is great, and just what you need! Often your vagina feels super wet, and you put your fingers, a toy or a penis inside and it feels great. But then you try it with a bit of lube, and it feels even better! It’s not just the wetness, but the extra ‘slidey-slide’ factor, that does it!


Especially because of the girth of my manhood, I often might use lube to help us along, either water-based or silicone based can be great! 



It is your loyal comrade


But then, there are times when you know you are super turned on but it feels like a desert down there! Aren’t you supposed to feel ‘wet’ and ‘ready’ when your mind is all in? Well, sometimes, the body takes a little bit of time to catch up to where the mind has reached already. At times like this, lube can be the ultimate knight in shining armour. Now, this doesn’t mean at all that you are maybe not ‘into’ the other person or you’re less of a woman. 


These things are completely normal and you really don’t need to worry about them, unless this happens every time you get down to business. You can use all the lube you need as it’s completely safe, and I promise you, your vagina wouldn’t get ‘addicted’ to it!




It is your gateway to more pleasure


Do you know? Even if you’re sufficiently wet, you can still use lube to explore new sensations. Because of its additional lubrication that helps relax your vaginal muscles even more, you might feel things that you maybe hadn’t felt before, in a pleasantly surprising way. I don’t think you would need it when you’re with me, but if you want to experiment with it, I’m all in!



It aids your natural lubrication


In normal circumstances, you might not need any external help in getting those juices flowing, but there might be times when it doesn’t happen how it’s supposed to because of certain medications. For example, if you’re on the pill or some allergy medication, it might affect your natural lubrication system as a side effect. Lube can help with just that.

Also, if you’re menopausal or menstruating, then it also affects your capability to get naturally lubed. Lube is a great solution to that.



It helps your lady parts and your mind ease into it


Even if you’re all in and turned on to the brink, it might not last long if your mind is busy constantly worrying about how wet you are there, and whether it would be painful if you’re dry. That’s why, if you apply enough lube, you’ll be free of all those worries and able to focus on the pleasure at hand, completely getting involved in it. 




It can help experience an amazing foreplay


Lube is an all-rounder that just helps wherever it goes. You can apply it to tease your partner and not to mention it can help big time when it comes to the third base. Feel free to try it out on new things and you never know what you might find!



It helps you reach unexplored territories


You can also use it when you’re riding solo. You might want variety now and then when it comes to self-pleasure. Pair it with your vibrator or sex toy to increase your pleasure. There are many types of lubes to enhance your pleasure even more, like the warming lubes and the tingling lubes. They will definitely help you reach sensations that you might not have experienced before!



If you’re someone who hasn’t used lube before or just used it for specific purposes, I hope this ‘guide’ helped broaden your horizons, haha. And remember, just because you use lube, it doesn’t make you ‘not enough’ or ‘lacking’ in any way. See you on the next blog.



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