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What if you get a period when we are together?

Male Escort Melbourne – September 22 2022


To be or not to be


We’re talking about something that’s completely natural, and isn’t often really in our control. Of course it’s not something that any of us would prefer in an ideal situation, but life in general isn’t ideal, is it? There might be a situation where you know your period would probably arrive when you are planning to spend time with me. In that case we can discuss and reach a solution. Either the date can be rescheduled or we can plan an activity that’s more suited to that time. 

What you can expect from me


I want your time with me to be as comfortable as possible, and for that it’s best that you share things like this with me so that we can take the best way forward. I’m always just a text or an email away! There may be times when it happens unexpectedly, and that’s okay. I just want to tell you in advance that should a situation like this occur, you don’t need to feel uncomfortable about it. We all are adults here and this is something anyone should understand.

How we can have a great time together


There can be a change of activities or things that we do together at this time. This changes from person to person. Some crave light and warm intimacy such as hugs, kisses, and cuddles, while for others their libido heightens and they want to go all in!!!! Get down and dirty. It’s all about personal preference and being unique in your own way. And for me? I am okay with either as long as you are comfortable and enjoy your time with me!

Other options we can explore


I’m completely okay with you getting a period during our time together, but if that’s something you absolutely wouldn’t want to have and you want to go ahead with a booking at that time with me, then you can try some medications that delay the onset of period, though if you ask me, it’s never a good idea to take a medication that can be avoided. Please note that this is not medical advice and if you want to explore this option, consult a doctor first before going ahead with it. 

Sometimes, these kinds of medication can make you dry down there, but I am confident that I can take care of that part, along with some good old lube if need be!

Wrapping up


While it is of course not perfect for your period to start before or during our time together, I would like to mention again that I fully understand that it does happen sometimes. In that case, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via text or email and let me know. It’s crucial for you to feel at ease, therefore I’d much rather know it in advance so that it doesn’t keep you on edge and we can truly enjoy our time together.

Much love,


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