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Male Escort Melbourne – 1 April 2022



No the title of this blog isn’t meant to be referring to me being ‘hung,’ – though you’d be welcome to see that for yourself when we meet.



This blog is about an Awesome show that I’ve watched a few years ago, actually two or three times! 



And I’m about to watch it again sometime soon when I find a chance to spend some time watching! 



And I don’t think I’ve watched very many shows more than once, all except for Gigolos, Catastrophe, and The 100.

The 100 (now on Netflix) is now the only one that I haven’t yet wrote a blog post about LOL, I’m currently part way through my third watching of that, and I try to be sure to schedule in at least 20 minutes of The 100 every few days. 




Hung is an awesome show. Funny all the way through, and full of laughter and feel good vibes, it’s the story of Ray who becomes a male escort, and follows some of his adventures. 



Helped along by two friends, Tanya and Lenore, it explores his journey of being a male escort, in a laugh out loud funny way.




Actually I loved it so much, that when I first watched it back in 2018, I named one of my pugs, Horny Tanya, after some of the characters. You’d have to watch it to find out who.




Highly recommended, if you haven’t seen it, check it out, and I’d love to hear what you think! 




I think it used to be on Stan or something, but the streaming services sometimes change what is available, and you still have to pay the subscription, until you discover this site where you can watch it streaming online for free. It’s sometimes a little bit slow to start the episode, and has a few ads, but once it starts, it’s on! 



Let me know what you think, I’m sure you will be wetting yourself with laughter! 









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