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Catastrophe is a comedy television show that I could watch about a million times, and still find funny! Well, I’d never watch something a million times, but you get my drift.

It is created, written by, and stars Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, as the two main characters. After having a fling, Sharon falls pregnant, and Rob flies from America back to London where they met… And they start a relationship together.


This show is so funny, almost every line will have you in stitches. I have to try not to laugh too loudly, so I don’t miss the next funny line.. Which is like every line!


There’s one part where Rob says to his friend Chris:

“Hey, man, can I ask you a question? When Fran was pregnant, did she ever sort of… rocket between being really horny and really sad, like at the same time?”


Chris pauses and then replies:

“No, Fran would get horny and really hungry at the same time.
One night she made me fuck her in her parents’ kitchen, and I’m not shitting you here, she finished off a plate of stew… while I was inside her.”


It follows the ups and downs of everyday life, funny all the way, with a twist of black humour that will leave you thinking on reflection ‘Hey, I actually laughed at that.’


It can seem a bit close to home for anyone who has had relationship ups and downs, raised children, or not.. So pretty much everyone! But in a very good and very funny way.


I won’t give any spoilers, or any links to Catastrophe on wikipedia, so it doesn’t spoil the show if you do decide to watch it.


If you are interested, it is currently available on Stan.

It’s well worth a watch.


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