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Gigolos – Showtime Tv Show

28 July 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne


Just recently I’ve started re-watching Gigolos, a reality show which takes reality shows to the extreme! 



It shows us the lives of real-life male escorts, who work for the male companion agency Cowboys4Angels in America. With season 1 having aired in 2011, the final season so far, season 6, aired in 2016. There are no plans for a season 7 yet, but it’s always a possibility. Showtime’s programming president, Gary Levine, has said, “We don’t have plans at the moment, but Gigolos is for us an evergreen.” 


‘Evergreen’ in television production talk means that the show has content that is always relevant —  much like the way evergreen trees retain their leaves all year around. And it sure is always relevant.


As more and more women realise that they can hire the services of a male escort, who can provide them with what they desire, what they need, without hidden agenda, and wants to make the experience completely tailored to fulfill their needs, wants, and desires – This program will always be relevant.


It shows so many different female clients, who explain their different reasons for hiring a male escort, and helps take away the stigma that some may feel is attached to the idea of hiring a male escort.


It’s funny, interesting, and thought-provoking. 


Incredibly, I actually hadn’t heard about the show Gigolos until around two years ago, when a client told me she had watched all the episodes before she booked me, and loved the show. My client was surprised that I’d been a male escort for more than eight years at the time, and not seen it! So I thought ‘hey maybe I should watch this,’ and upon watching it I was hooked. I watched all six seasons within a few weeks.


Recently, I’ve decided to re-watch Gigolos, as I feel that, while it is reality tv, and reality tv always has a bit of ‘spin,’ – It really is relevant, and is a great watch.


If you like reality television, I think you will most definitely enjoy watching Gigolos.


If you don’t like reality television, I think you will most definitely enjoy watching Gigolos.


Whether you do enjoy it; or think it’s not for you – please feel free to let me know your thoughts


I have all the series on my computer, though you can watch it on the Showtime Gigolos website if you have a Showtime account; or it is currently available on Stan if you have a Stan account.


I’ve included a link to the Trailer for seasons 1 to 6 below, so you can take a look and see if it might be for you or not. Not every show is for everyone, though I thought to share it in case you may like it!


If you do decide to watch it, just be prepared for lots of laughs, lots of sex, and lots of interesting concepts. Because “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”


“It’s Vegas, Baby..”

– Nick Hawk, Gigolos


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