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How do I become a male escort?

How do I become a male escort?

23 May 2018

If I had a dollar for every time I am asked this question, I’d be a millionaire.

It’s amazing how often I am asked this question. Perhaps 5-6 times per week on average, I’ll get an email or text message from some guy who wants to be a male escort, or at least thinks they do! Almost all of them I simply ignore, as I don’t have the time, or energy, to reply. And besides, some of them sound so immature in their messages. For example: “I want to be a male escort and I can fuck good and like women.” Or “How do I get started as a male escort, I wanna make some good money.” And that’s just some of them. Some guys are just complete malakas.

Most males simply have no idea what being a male escort for women is about. Almost all of the males that message me asking for advice, or thinking they could be a male escort… And, unfortunately, in fact, a lot of males who are actually advertising themselves as male escorts… Really have no idea about how women should be treated. And deserve to be treated.

If I were to answer that question though, I always try to answer diplomatically, and my answer is always roughly the same.

Firstly, I turn the question around and ask the person asking me, “What qualities do you believe you need to have to be a professional male escort?”

And by professional, I mean someone who is very good at what they do; and conducts themselves in a professional manner, that is beneficial to women in every way – and also someone who does this for his full time job—not casually at weekends, or once or twice per month or, even worse, opportunistically as the chance(s) arises.

It may surprise some people, but it takes hard work and dedication to be a successful male escort—and this is often overlooked by the people who think they’d like to do this type of job and ask me about it. Normally, after I have asked them the above question, most people are able to name 3 or 4 qualities (which tend to be weighted to the physical side, as you might imagine), then struggle a bit, often after I have hinted at the demands of the mental side of the role.

I know I’ve talked about these aspects before in some of my blog posts, but leaving aside some of the more obvious physical qualities, a good escort needs to be, amongst other things, mentally tough; a good empathiser; a solution provider; a shoulder to cry on; a cajoler; an encourager; a confidante; a friend, a lover and a partner—and sometimes all at roughly the same time!

I often see puzzled looks when I try to explain why it’s necessary to be so many things to so many people—almost as if the expectation is that all clients are the same. It’s at this point that I usually know from amongst the people who ask me whether they will be a successful male escort—or are completely kidding themselves.

I know there are specialised courses and tuition out there on how to become a male escort and I wish the proprietors and their myriad of students the best of luck in achieving their goals.

Yet, some things can be taught and some can’t. Some you just know intuitively and some of the skills will simply appear as you need them. As with many other professions, you either have that spark, that charisma, that aptitude or whatever it is—or you don’t.

You see, in my humble opinion, I simply believe that good male escorts are born and not made!

   “I was born to be your male escort and companion.”

    – Your Male Escort, Leo The Love Doctor


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