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Do you need a life-partner?

Do you need a life-partner?

15 May 2018

Can you go through life without having someone to love and cherish and be with day in, day out? Do you need to be forever with someone to share life’s experiences, joys, pleasures and disappointments with? Or… can you live a solitary life and live alone?

Interesting questions for many people and ones which often people don’t pay too much attention to.

The answer to these questions is different for everyone, and some may not know the answer. Everyone is different. For some people, being in love and having a forever relationship is what they’d love, or, what simply just happens. Love is love, and when it happens it happens. Some people find the love of their life, and live happily ever after together.
Though some find they can, and do, live better alone, without a life partner. Everyone is different!

From our early days we depend on others. From the time we are born, we need people, usually our families, to help us learn to walk, talk; educate us, teach us what and when to eat, how to behave socially and so on.

We make friends in our neighbourhood, school friends; meet people at the shops, in the park and around and about.

By the time we are in our early teens, we are beginning to notice other people, especially our peers, in a different way. Attractions develop (with either the opposite gender, or the same gender) based on more than simple friendships and we experience what some people call puppy love, or crushes or become besotted with someone.

The stirrings of sexual desire surface and some friendships become relationships, with or without sexual activity taking place. Feelings get stronger, emotions runs high and the feelings of need to be with someone special and the attachment to them grow almost without us knowing what is happening.

Is this love, or just the need not to be alone? Is this love, or just the beginnings of the real journey of life where the innate human desire and/or need to reproduce start to play a major influence on your life? Or is this love, that can be strengthened and nurtured, throughout a long and happy life together?

Whatever the answers you may give, it is undeniable that most people drift along with the flow of life. Grow up, find a partner, get married have children and, more often than not, end up living within a few hours of where they were born. Sure, some people do some break away as it were and relocate, emigrate or work abroad… but then even they still end up following the well-worn cycle of life—really just following it in a different location!

Unfortunately, a lot more often than not nowadays, life partners are not for life and, often, by the time you are in your late twenties, or more so your early thirties, all of the dreams and hopes of a long lasting marriage or de facto arrangement may have evaporated. Maybe your fault, maybe your partner’s fault; though sometimes the blame does not lie with anyone, and people can just drift apart.

Life long love can be, and of course is, a wonderful thing. Though it’s not necessary for everyone. Some people feel more free and happy being by themselves.

So you are left with a big decision: do you again look for Mr or Ms Right or do you go it alone. Harder I know if you have children but, quite frankly, some people are simply better off, and happier, living alone and having casual friends and colleagues… and lovers.

No strings attached, as they say, sometimes means less worries and fewer problems…. not all of the time, but, certainly, food for thought!

So it can be a good idea to ask yourself, do I really need or want a life-partner? And see what your own answer is!   




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