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Nurturing knows no bounds

Nurturing knows no bounds

25 May 2018

Dogs are nurturing, lovable creatures. Full of love all of the time, they love to make sure their human companions are happy. With a lick, a tail wag, and a smile, they brighten one’s day with everything they do. It has been said that dogs can be man’s best friend.

Playful, lovable, kind, nurturing.. Qualities that it would be good if more humans had.
And it seems their nurturing knows no bounds. Recently, Fred, a 10-year-old labrador,  has adopted 9 ducklings, after their mother disappeared.

So cute! And so nurturing. So loving.

While its not too common, there have actually been quite a few orphaned animals who have been adopted by a different species in the animal kingdom.

Isn’t it amazing, and beautiful to see this kind of altruism in the world.



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