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Everything will be OK

Everything will be OK

1 June 2017

Life is an amazing journey; an eventful, unpredictable adventure.

Plenty of ups and downs along the way; tons of surprises and unexpected happenings; masses of challenges and achievements.

Some people try to plan their lives right down to the last minute details—what time they’ll do this, where they want to be with their career in 3 months or 1 year’s time; where they’ll go on holiday in 3 years time, exactly when they plan to get married, have children, what their new house will look like, and so on.

Yet sometimes things just quite never work out and life throws up some unexpected event or puts the proverbial “spanner” into the works and it’s all change! Something pops up and “Plan A” becomes “Plan B” or “C”.


Other people just tend to drift by, dealing with on an ad hoc basis whatever life throws at them; almost as if they are riding on the thermals of life itself. Nothing seems to faze them and they just get on with the challenges presented, just move ahead with finding solutions to such interruptions.

I think we need to have a good balance between planning things, and taking life as it comes. Of course it’s important to have goals, to accomplish things that we want to achieve. Though at the same time it’s important to be able to relax and go with the flow sometimes. You’ll feel all the better for it!


It’s amazing how affirmations can help so much in our daily lives, and in our general overall happiness. Simply saying to yourself often enough
“Things will be okay”
will make you feel more relaxed and more sure that things will be okay. No matter what you’re going through, affirmations can always help.


Or if things aren’t going to plan during your day, and you’re feeling down for whatever reason, repeat to yourself
“Today is a great day, and I feel wonderful.”


And soon enough, you can start to feel better! It’s like how when we smile, which actually uses less muscles than frowning, we will start to smile on the inside, and then feel better 🙂

So next time something unexpected comes up, or things don’t go to plan, just reassure yourself that things will be OK. They most likely will be 🙂





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