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Do you have pets?

Do you have pets?


22 April 2015

As I have said in previous blogs, and as we all know, most people thrive on friendship, companionship… and love. We need it. We need affection. Otherwise the world loses a bit of it’s brightness. We all need the touch of someone else, at least from time to time. 🙂

For a multitude of reasons, and often through no fault of their own, some people are lacking this affection in their lives, or at least for a part of it. Though one thing that can make us less dependent upon other people, is having pets!


As we all know, most pets are dependent upon us for their keep, their food and general well being—and in return most offer non-judgemental and unconditional affection; they’re usually happy to see you and relatively undemanding.


That’s not at all to say that pets are mainly kept by people who don’t have regular affection from other people… NOT AT ALL!!! Pets are for everyone!!! 🙂 Families, single people, children… Let’s all enjoy the companionship of our pets 🙂


Well, I should say pets are for everyone who likes having one. Not everyone likes pets… Some people are allergic to some animals… Some people just don’t like having a cat or dog around the house… Some people don’t like cleaning fish-bowls, or feeding felines… I must admit that even I am not too fond of the smell of mouse-pee… It just doesn’t do it for me. 😉 But most pets, and for most people, can be the perfect companion to have around the home 🙂


You’d be surprised at how knowing, let’s say the perennial favourite pets, dogs and cats, are; how perceptive they can be about your moods and circumstances. How they know that you are having a good or bad time.


The joys of having a dog include them always being welcoming and being there for you when you get home; usually, rarely changing their demeanour or character and, of course, being a great walking companion when you feel the need to get out and about to blow your cares away! 

Cats, despite their renowned aloofness, can also be affectionate and welcoming and can provide that therapeutic “boost” when you perhaps feel at your lowest and just need someone to share your general angst with.


Of course, in these modern times, pets are not limited to cats and dogs and many households even have pets such as hamsters or gerbils; an aquarium of fish; a pen of rabbits, or even something more exotic such as a snake or a lizard—all of which can be a great help in taking away the stresses and strains of the day and taking your mind off, perhaps, relationship, personal, and family issues which you may have been experiencing.

Outside of the home, horses are great companions, intelligent and fun to be with; plus, of course, you can ride them around as an enjoyable form of relaxation.


So, whilst clearly, animals can never totally replicate the companionship and love that humans can share with each other, in bad or stressful times, be sure that your pet will be there for you—even if in some cases if it may  appear to be a one-way commitment from you to them. Animal/pet therapy is also well known as a great lift for those who may otherwise be tired, for the time being anyway, of other humans and all the problems and issues they bring!


Do you have pets? I do. I love animals. Having pets, for those who like and/or adore animals, can make the home more of a home 🙂




“A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water logged stick will do just fine. A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he’ll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary?” 

– Quote from John Grogan’s book, Marley & Me






My dear friend Regina, with her adorable dog, Burma. Namaste! 🙂

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