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‘Come For Me’ – By Alice

‘Come For Me’
– By Alice

28 July 2018

“After months of chatting online, texting, and phone sex, today we are actually going to meet at last. You have booked a hotel room which is about halfway between our homes and we are due to meet at 2pm.

I woke up feeling nervous and excited and now as I shower I still feel the same. We have acted out our meeting many times by phone, but what will it actually be like?

As I step out of the shower the doorbell rings. I run down the stairs with a towel on. It’s the postman with a packet for me. I’m not expecting anything. I rip open the package. Inside is a small gift box tied up with a bow and a note. I unfold the paper. I don’t recognise the writing.

‘Hi Sexy,

I want you to wear this as you drive to me. I’ll keep you on the edge for the whole journey. When you finally arrive you’ll be begging for release.


I feel a familiar throb of excitement at just reading your name. I grab the box and tear off the bow. Inside is a small butterfly shaped vibrator which according to the instructions fits over my clit and is held in place by thin straps around my hips and thighs.

I quickly fix it in place, but I can’t figure out how to turn it on. I read the instructions but they don’t seem to be complete. I am so disappointed. I pick up my mobile to call you and it rings in my hand, making me jump out of my skin. I flip it open and hold it to my ear. I know it’s you.

‘Are you wearing it?’ you ask.
‘Yes, but I can’t switch it on’

I’ve no sooner spoken the words when I feel a short sharp buzz on my clit that makes me gasp and nearly drop the phone.

‘It’s remote control’ you laugh down the phone. ‘Make sure you keep it on until you get here’
‘OK’ I say ‘But please bear in mind that I’ll be driving’

‘I will’ you laugh again ‘Can’t wait to see you’

‘Me neither, but it’s only an hour or so now’ I reply.

We end the call and I continue to get ready. I’ve anguished over what to wear even though I know I won’t be wearing it for long. The underwear is important though and I put on my leopard print basque and knickers that you’ve seen and loved in the many photos I’ve emailed to you.

Finally it’s time to leave and I get in the car. My clit rubs against the butterfly as I move my legs on the pedals and I can feel my pussy getting wet from both that and the anticipation of what’s to come.

I head down the motorway, trying not to speed in my eagerness to get to you. Suddenly the butterfly buzzes into action. It’s much gentler than before but still makes me grip the steering wheel hard as waves of pleasure run through my pussy. It stops as suddenly as it started and I ease off the accelerator while I get my breath back. I imagine the fun you’re having with this. You seem to know just the amount of time to turn it on to get me squirming in my seat but not let me cum.

The rest of the journey continues in much the same way. In between vibrations I put my foot down and then ease off the gas when the pleasure starts.

I find the hotel easily following your directions, park the car and check my appearance in the mirror. My cheeks are very flushed and my pupils dilated, I’m as horny as hell and can’t wait to get to you. I check my phone. I have a text from you. ‘Waiting in the bar’. I lock the car and walk quickly to the hotel entrance. Once inside I see the bar straight ahead. Suddenly I feel overwhelmed with nerves and my stomach is doing flip flops. I stop to one side of the foyer with the pretence of touching up my lipstick, but I just have to take a few deep breaths before I go in.

I’m just putting my compact in my bag when I hear your familiar voice behind me.
‘I thought you’d never get here’
I turn sharply and there you are walking towards me. I smile and you put your arms around me bending your head to kiss me full on the mouth.
I kiss you back, our mouths hungry for each other, tongues entwined, a slow, gentle, but firm, very erotic kiss.
Then the butterfly buzzes again and I moan into your mouth, my hands gripping your back as your arms hold me up.
‘Jesus that was close’ I whisper, my voice shaking.
You fix me with your eyes, a wicked grin on your face ‘I think we’d better get you to the room. You look like you could do with a lie down’

You lead me by the hand, down corridors, up stairs finally stopping at a door. You swipe the key card and open the door. We both go in. I shut the door behind me and we are on each other in an instant, greedily feasting, kissing, and fumbling to caress and open clothes. You kiss my neck while we both fumble with my buttons. Finally my top is open and you expertly ease my heaving breasts over the top of my basque so you can suck my nipples. I am panting now with excitement; I rub your hard cock through your jeans and try to get them undone. Your hands are running over my hips and bum. We stumble backwards and fall onto the bed. In one movement your hand is up my skirt and into my knickers. I moan as you push two fingers deep into my soaking pussy.

‘God you’re so wet’ you whisper in my ear.
‘What do you expect after the journey I’ve had?’ I reply, I can feel my orgasm building and as you thrust your fingers in and out of me, I cum hard on your hand clamping my thighs together around your wrist.

‘Wow, I didn’t expect you to cum that fast. That’s the first of many times I intend to make you cum today’

As I lay there panting from the speed of my orgasm, you move your hand and undo the butterfly from my swollen clit. Then you slide down the bed and gently put your lips over it and lick gently with your tongue. My hips buck off the bed. I’ve hardly come down from my first orgasm and can feel the familiar sensations of another approaching. You move the focus of your tongue away from my clit, sensing that it’s too much too soon for me. I close my eyes, enjoying the sensations as your expert tongue licks enthusiastically at my pussy. Every so often you thrust your tongue inside me and I hear your gentle moans of pleasure as you drink in my juices. You’ve told me often enough how you love to do this and now I’m lucky enough to be on the receiving end. As you increase the pressure, my breathing quickens and I know I’m going to cum again soon. My hips start that involuntary thrusting movement as I try to get more of my pussy in your mouth. Your lips and tongue are working frantically, practically devouring me.

‘Put your fingers in me’ I beg you and you obey, thrusting 2 fingers deep inside while at the same time you clamp your lips over my clit and suck hard. You’ve remembered what I told you I like. It’s all I need to take me over the edge. I scream with pleasure as it hits me, wave after wave throughout my whole body. My pussy contracts again and again around your fingers and I grip your head holding it in place as my hips buck and jerk and my body spasms.

I sink into the bed, I can hardly breathe. You continue to lick my clit until I can’t take anymore.
‘Please stop’ I pant, trying to push your head away with my shaking hands. At last you lift your head and smile at me, your face dripping with my juices. I am completely exhausted. At this rate I’ll never last the afternoon. You stand up now and remove your jeans and boxers. Your cock springs to attention. Although I’m worn out I want to give you some of the pleasure you’ve given me. I start to sit up but you push me back on the bed. I’m still in my clothes although they are rather crumpled by now. You help me out of my shirt, skirt and lastly my knickers which are round one ankle.

I reach for your cock, intending to give you the blow job of your life, but again you push me away.

‘I’m not done with you yet’ you say, and position yourself over me, your cock pushing against my still throbbing pussy.

I have wanted this for so long, have lusted over the photos you have sent me of your hard throbbing cock, and now it was mine.

Very slowly you slide into me, I gasp as I’m stretched, opening my legs wider to allow you better access. Your cock is now fully in and you are still for a moment, my pussy squeezing your shaft. You lean down and kiss me, another deep kiss than sends electricity to my clit. I can bear it no longer. I run my fingers across your back.

‘Please Steve, I need you to fuck me’ I whisper in your ear

That’s all you needed to hear. You start to thrust, slowly at first, pulling almost all the way out before sliding all the way back in. It’s sending spasms through my pussy, I feel like I have goose bumps all over my body. I’m sweating but shivering, it’s exquisite. I bring my legs up and wrap them round your thighs, gripping you into me. My clit grinds against the base of your cock. I can’t believe I’m about to have my third orgasm in such a short time.

My moaning is getting out of control now, I can’t keep quiet, I grip you tight with my arms and legs as you start to fuck me faster.

‘Yes, yes, yes, that’s it, harder, fuck me harder, I’m nearly there’

Then you whisper those magic words in my ear ‘Come for me, baby’

I just explode. Thrashing around, nearly bucking you off me. As I cum you slam into me as hard as you can, my pussy is squeezing your cock really tightly, I just keep coming and coming and this time finally you join me. I feel your cock swell and spasm inside me and then that hot, warmth spreading deeper as you shoot your cum, spurt after spurt, hips still thrusting hard.

Finally you are still and you collapse onto me. We are both panting like dogs, sticky with sweat and our own secretions, unable to speak. We hold onto each other, our bodies occasionally twitching and shuddering. Your cock slips from me and you roll over, still holding me in your arms. I start to laugh.

‘That was incredible’ I laugh,
‘But I can’t believe we’ve only been here an hour’
What are we going to do for the rest of the afternoon?’

You lean over and kiss me tenderly
‘Firstly I’m going to let you sleep for a while, and then we’ll see what happens’

You pull the bed covers up over us and I snuggle into you, my head on your chest, I fall asleep to the sound of your pounding heart. …”



The above story

‘Come For Me’
is by Alice

A while ago I wrote a blog about reading erotic stories; and mentioning Literotica.com, which is a large collection of sex stories, poems, and more.
Another such site is Erotic Writing UK.
Why not take a look?
With a few different stories there, I think you might find one that you like… 




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