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One of the best ways to see Hobart, Tasmania

One of the best ways to see Hobart, Tasmania

15 July 2018

Tasmania is a beautiful place; full of lush pristine wilderness, prime fertile farmland, and vibrant towns and cities full of history and culture, delicious mouth-watering food, and wonderful people.


The island state of Tasmania is full of natural beauty, with many great vistas that will take your breath away. And if you’re staying in Hobart, one of the best ways to take it all in is with Dave, of Hobart’s Trikemania Adventure Tours.


While in Hobart a few months ago, I had the pleasure of bumping into Dave at the edge of Hobart’s iconic Salamanca Market, where he had a stall to introduce people to his Trike Tours.
He has an awesome trike, full of power, and runs tours of the city and surrounding mountains and countryside, for two passengers at a time. And boy is it a good way to explore! 


Not only that, Dave has a wonderful personality – full of charm, charisma, and humour. Dave is Dave, and he’s a top bloke. He will have you laughing in no time, and along the journey he slows down at certain points to tell you some history of the majestic city that is Hobart.
If you are staying in Hobart, even for a short visit, I highly recommend that you take a trike tour with Dave. 

You’ll love it.


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