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Sometimes a wrong turn will bring you to exactly the right place

Sometimes a wrong turn will bring you to exactly the right place

4 August 2018

The following is from the calendar ’12 simple things to remember all year long’ for the month of August:

” Life is a journey. One that we essentially have to take alone. Yes, we have parents to guide us and sometimes siblings to help forge the way. We have friends to walk by our sides, and teachers and people we admire to mentor us, but in the final analysis, we choose our paths ourselves… and we do it one step at a time through the many choices we make.

We sense we are going blindly along… waiting for the day when we know the secrets the universe holds. We listen for our calling, believing that this voice will show us the way. But sometimes while travelling a road we think is just right, we discover an exciting adventure right in our path that we had never even considered. “


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