23 April 2018

Reading can be a great way to relax, unwind, to inspire the imagination, and to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a while. It has been said that the person who doesn’t read books lives only one life; whereas the person who reads books can live a thousand lives.
I love reading books, of all different types – From journeys of self discovery, to drama, adventure, thrillers… From romance, to science fiction, comedy, and mystery… And then there are erotic stories…


“People are talking about sex. They’re talking about sex with their husbands. They’re talking about sex with their girlfriends. They’re talking about sex with their partners. And because of all of this communication, women are having much more intimate relationships, which is fantastic.” 
– E. L. James 


Erotic novels can be great fun, enriching all the senses – not only creating a nice storyline, but some sex scenes can have you starting to tingle, feel nice on the inside, and, perhaps, start to have you feeling moist between the thighs.

As titillating as erotic novels can be, sometimes you might want to read something a little exciting but not have the time to read a novel. That’s where erotic short stories come in. is a website where you can find lots of sexy stories. Why not take a look? Some of the stories are really juicy, though some not so great. There are all kinds of stories on, and while some can be a bit out there, there are stories for all different tastes. Though if you search through them a bit, you should be able to find some that tickle your fancy.


Sex stories can be a great thing to read by yourself, and it can be fun pleasuring oneself while reading of your deepest fantasies.

Reading erotic stories can also be a great thing for couples to do together… It can be used to maximise pleasure in the bedroom; by reading stories before being intimate – or also reading stories while being between the sheets. It’s a great way to reinvigorate, and explore.

Whether you do it with your lover, or by yourself, reading sex stories can be a great way to get those juices flowing. Let me know what you think 🙂





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