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7 August 2020 | Male Escort Melbourne


What is a courtesan relationship?


From the Renaissance on, European kings and noblemen often kept a courtesan, that is, a woman with whom they had a relationship but were not married to. The courtesan got her name quite literally from the royal court where she lived. In fact, the term to court, as in to woo someone romantically, comes from the origin.


In modern usage, the term has evolved and is now used to describe a high class escort or companion – someone (man or woman) who can provide their lovers with everything they would have if they were in a relationship together, without spending every minute with each other. While it is a type of relationship, of course, it can in a lot of ways be much better than a ‘normal’ relationship. 


Giving their lover the freedom to be with them when they wanted, in whichever way that they wanted, and providing all the joys, pleasures, and comforts that a more conventional relationship could provide.


Whether we are to be called courtesans, high class escorts, mistresses and misters, paramours, or simply companions… Did not Shakespeare once say: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet“?


Let me be your courtesan. Let me take you to a world you’ve always dreamed of, to a place that you can’t yet imagine. Let me show you a way of living where you get to feel nourished, satiated, special, and have all of your needs met.


You may be too busy with your work, or the rest of your life, to be able to commit to a conventional relationship. You may have tried online dating, and found lots of guys to be jerks, or too clingy, after you’ve told them what you want – but then they want more. Or perhaps you’ve already been married, had kids, and are now single, and enjoy being single!


Whatever the reason, I can be your courtesan, and provide you with what you desire, when you desire, in the way that you desire.


From the start of human history, until now, and beyond – There has always been a place for the courtesan. A niche that always needs to be filled. Courtesans have always been, and will always be, enriching people’s lives and making the world a better place -now more than ever. 


I want to have your ‘love bucket’ filled to overflowing, so you always feel your best!

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