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17 July 2020 | Male Escort Melbourne


I’ve wrote before about Sex and Disability, and about a workshop I was attending in November last year (way back before the current Coronavirus pandemic, when we could still safely go places, and do stuff..). I’d meant to write a blog about the day, but I forgot, so here I am now, writing a blog about it. 


It’s something really important, because as I’ve wrote in my previous blog: 


“The reason I think that this is a great idea, is because well let’s look at it this way – If you want to work with people with disabilities, you can go to university or tafe and get accreditation. Just as you can get qualifications to work with children, or in aged care, or with any other group. But what if you want to have a qualification to say that you’re a sex worker who works with people with disabilities, and has the awareness and training to be able to deliver services in a safe and effective way? Can you get that at university or tafe? No. Well, not yet. Touching Base is working on trying to get things like this recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework. How cool is that?”


It was a great day, I got to meet a heap of cool peeps, some I knew, some I didn’t – who are fellow escorts. I also had the opportunity to meet Rachel Wotton, one of the founders of Touching Base, who is an awesome person! Among many many other things, she has produced the documentary Scarlet Road  – which follows her life as a sex worker working with clients who are living with disabilities.


I highly recommend  this workshop, and support everything Touching Base is doing. Wonderful work!



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