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14 June 2020 | Male Escort Melbourne


It is with great pride that I let you know that I’ve been nominated and become a finalist in the 2020 X AWARDS – Under the categories of Male Escort, and Disability Services Provider.


Also, Phoebe Mae has become a finalist under the categories of Female Escort, and Disability Services Provider. And Melbourne Couples Escorts has been listed as a finalist under the category Fetish and Fantasy Provider.


The X AWARDS is currently the most recognised awards night in the Adult Industry in Australia. It is great to be able to have this level of recognition for all those in the Adult Industry, who provide such an essential, valid, and, sometimes unrecognised, service to our entire community


Melbourne Couples Escorts is in the process of becoming a sponsor of the XAWARDS 2020, in order to support the recognition of our fellow providers.


I was fortunate to win the Alpha Male Escort award in 2017, and while the reward that I get is the smile on your face, and knowing that I’ve made a valuable contribution to your overall well-being – it is humbling to receive an award and  to be acknowledged for this. 


If you’d like to click to the site, and see what it’s all about, and maybe even vote for me while you’re there… That would be much appreciated!

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