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Why the Inequality

Why the inequality? 


3 September 2014    


I’ve always been perplexed as to why there is so much inequality between the genders.

Women are the foundation of many societies throughout the world, the rocks upon which families thrive and survive; in fact, in reality, they are the origin of all of us.

Yet, in years gone by, so many of the female gender have been relegated to secondary roles at home or in society at large; denied a full education, or not allowed to work; forced to stay at home and bring up the children; follow the wishes, even commands, of their man.

Yes, generally women are physically weaker but, more often than not, mentally stronger than men. More emotional, sure, but equally adept, if not better, in many aspects of social and business life than many men folk.

Show me a strong leader-type of man and it’s very likely there is a strong woman behind him. In fact, many successful unions between a man and a woman have been partnerships based on equality and mutual respect where both parties leverage from the strengths of each other.

Still, the good news is that times are changing; social attitudes and expectations are quite different now than even 10 years ago. Maybe it’s something to do with the advent of the instant communications age with computers, smart phones and social media, but it seems that more and more women are able to build noteworthy careers and juggle the demands of a family; or build enterprises or businesses where they are the leaders, the CEO or Chairman.

And with the leadership lifestyle comes more independence; with the narrowing of the gender inequality gap comes more opportunity for women to do things they really want to do… with or without a regular man in their life!!

Previously unacceptable norms have been discarded, become redundant. Previously frowned upon activities or wants and desires have been swept away.

I know.

In my career I see this firsthand on a regular basis. Liberated, independent women, well aware of what they want… And knowing that they have the power, independence, and the right, to get what they want 🙂



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