Leo Dale

Someone you can trust

Someone you can trust

1 September 2014


Trust is a very important thing to have with someone, especially if you are going to be intimate with them. A lot of people don’t trust their partners, and it can cause all sorts of problems.

So let’s say you haven’t met me yet, and are thinking of booking me, for some quality time.. Companionship, massage, sensual therapy, intimacy – whatever your reason for finding me – you may be a bit nervous about seeing me for the first time. Well that’s normal, of course, as you are seeing someone you haven’t met before, in a different way than you normally meet people… But you have nothing to worry about!
I am a very trustworthy person, and so many people have shared so many secrets with me, about themselves, their past, their dreams, all different things. I’m very friendly, honest, and discreet.
You can tell me anything, and ask me anything. 🙂

You will find as you get to know me, that I am very friendly, affectionate, honest, genuine, passionate.. and have a big heart.

As I have to keep my identity confidential, and respect everyone’s privacy, if you ask a question that is a bit too personal or confidential, I’ll simply give you my cheeky answer of “That’s for me to know, and for you to not know” 🙂

It can be important to get to know someone before you are intimate with them, and I love to get to know you too.
So let’s share as much as we are comfortable, in complete privacy, and get to know each other.
You can just be yourself, let your hair down, relax. I am very non-judgemental, and very confident that I can give you a wonderful time – whatever you’re looking for 🙂


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