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Who is the important one?

17 April 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne


Being compassionate and caring for people is, undoubtedly, a virtue.




We go through lives caring for our family and friends. We care for and teach our children when they are young and then, in due course, care for our parents as they get elderly and are less able to move around and do things as they’d like. 



We care about our friends. How their studies are going; how they are getting on with job-hunting and how their careers are evolving. Or how they are dealing with a romance or relationship break-up.


Some people, though, have a far greater compassionate streak than others and end up being nurses or doctors or home helpers/carers. They work with those people who need help, and/or can’t take care of themselves. Some people volunteer to help the less well-off members of our society, making food for homeless shelters or working in charity shops garnering donations and working on distributing things to the needy.


Isn’t there an old adage which says something along the lines of: Give more (as in care and affection) and you will receive more!


Yet, there comes a time when everyone has to reflect on their life and what they are looking to get out of it. It’s great to give compassion and care, but it’s also important not to neglect your own well-being.


We can look at this in several parts. Firstly, is anyone else offering you compassion and care? Secondly, do you have anyone out there who recognises your emotional needs; the need to be loved and care for?


I see it happen many times. People can get so wrapped up in their daily lives, the frenetic pace of living and holding down a job or career job (especially one caring for other people, whether this be family, friends, clients, or patients) that they become unaware that they, too, need some attention.


By this, I mean attention from others but, equally importantly, attention from themselves to themselves. 


This may be in terms of keeping a watch on their physical fitness and physical well-being, or it may be in terms of looking after their emotional well-being, mental, or spiritual well-being.


The realisation has to come that we are very important to ourselves. It is important that we stay as physically fit and healthy, as well as emotionally healthy, as we can. Don’t forget, for many of us it is a long, long way until our 70s or 80s. We want to give ourselves a fighting chance of still being active and healthy then… don’t we?


The other important thing to remember is, that in order to be able to contribute fully to the lives of other people, we need to also contribute to ourself.


It is important to be the best that we can be, so that we can give our best to others, and enrich the lives of those around us, so that everyone is happier, healthier, and more content.


I am a very caring and compassionate person, always putting other’s needs ahead of my own. Though I got to the point where I realised that it’s very important to have a balance. To be able to look after ourselves, so that we can more effectively look after others.


Therefore, the answer to the question at the top of this article is easy: the important one is you!


You shouldn’t feel bad to put yourself first now and then, to do things that make you feel special. You deserve it.





“Rest and self-care are so important. 

When you take time to replenish your 

spirit, it allows you to serve others from

 the overflow. You cannot serve from an

 empty vessel.”

– Eleanor Brown

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