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What’s fresh in the Autumn veggie patch?

29 April 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne


What is fresh in The Love Doctor’s vegetable patch this Autumn?



Autumn is a lovely time of year.. Warm days, cold nights (and cold days!), leaves falling from trees, the occasional beautiful Autumn sunset – and some much needed rainfall after a long dry summer.



And what a great time of year to get your hands in the veggie patch, to connect with nature, and enjoy feasting on some of this nutritional bounty. 


I like gardening, and like to grow my own fruit and vegetables, and spend time in the garden when the chance arises. It’s always great to eat healthy, and what a way to do it!


At the moment in this part of the garden, I have Red Russian Kale growing, some Broad Bean plants, Mustard, and Yacons.


It’s always a good day to get out in the garden, it can be so peaceful, meditative, relaxing, and productive!


“You’ve got to involve yourself in doing something for other people all the time. I know that sounds sentimental, but you see, ordinary people are the most generous people on Earth without question. And what I think we should do is constantly try to give as much of ourselves as we can to each other – that’s the secret of happiness for all of us.”

– Peter Cundall, former host of Gardening Australia

Red Russian Kale, with drops of moisture on the tender delicious foliage

For a nice spicy flavour, chew on the mustard leaves. Phew that tastes hot!

“It’s the sheer joy of seeing things grow, and helping them to grow, even harvesting the stuff that you’ve grown yourself, no matter how old you are.”

– Peter Cundall, former host of Gardening Australia

The Yacon, or ‘Apple of the Earth,’ has succulent crunchy yet juicy tubers

Some of my fur babies looking at me, a bit puzzled, as to why I’m taking photos of vegetables, instead of photos of them! 😉

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

– Audrey Hepburn 

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