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White Ribbon Day – Helping to prevent violence against women

22 November 2018 | Male Escort Melbourne


I’ve bought my White Ribbons, and wrist bands, to show support for White Ribbon Day this Friday, 23rd of November (tomorrow!). This day is also close to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. 


White Ribbon Australia is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to helping to prevent men’s violence against women. 

They do this in many ways, from public information, to providing education in schools and workplaces; as well as helping to implement government policy, establishing frameworks and standards for preventing violence against women.


I have previously wrote a blog about domestic violence, and how it affects women. Any man who hurts a woman should be given the death penalty, whether you believe in capital punishment or not. Or at least be severely punished for their actions. Violence against women is NOT okay. And while I don’t necessarily support the death penalty, preventing violence against women is a topic very close to my heart.


It is unimaginable what some men do to women. And we need to do everything we can to help prevent it. Wearing a white ribbon for one day of the year may seem a small gesture, but not only does the money from the sale of the ribbon go to a very worthy cause, but it helps to increase awareness of the need to help make the world a safer place.


I see a lot of women who have suffered from domestic violence, which as I mention in my previous blog can range anywhere from verbal and emotional abuse, to physical and sexual abuse, and anything in between.


It can often be so hard to be able to open up, and trust anyone again, after going through something like that. To any woman who may be reading this, and has gone through, or is currently going through, any type of abuse from a partner… There is always a way out. No matter how hard it seems, there is a way for you to get out of that situation, and to live the safe and happy life that you deserve. 


Violence against women is definitely not okay, and it is very important that we do everything that we can to prevent it. That’s why I’ll be wearing my white ribbon this Friday, as well as having donated money to White Ribbon Australia. You can too, by clicking here. 


Let’s help to end violence against women.


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