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Where is the love?

5 February 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne


I’m often asked for my views on why love and passion (or lust if you prefer) tend to diminish in intensity as most relationships mature.


In other words: why in the early stages of any relationship you can’t wait to see your new found partner again; you long for the time to see him or her; your heart almost aches as you count the hours or even minutes when you will be together once more.


Maybe your heart almost skips a beat when he or she calls or sends a private message to your mobile phone or via email and you are often consumed with a warm, fuzzy feeling and the euphoria of a new relationship completely embraces you.


Then, when you do meet and hold each other, exchanging passionate, lingering kisses and touches, the feelings are quite electric, almost as if mild bolts of electricity are tingling though your body—and feelings of associated pleasure ripple through your anatomy… 


Plus, of course, (and it goes without saying) you cannot, simply cannot, wait to pull or tear off each other’s clothes and get into bed and consummate your desires; it’s not difficult to do this at any time of day or night, maybe even spending a few hours snuggled together under the sheets… and enjoying sexual fulfilment more than once in the course of your love making session.


Lust and passion dominate the early days with your new found companion (I say companion as sometimes we don’t know if this other person will end up being your boyfriend or girlfriend, long term partner or even husband or wife) and even just thinking about your partner can make you wet in anticipation (or hard if you are male).


We have all been there, we have all experienced such feelings, enjoyed the buzz, enjoyed the endorphin rushes; longed and ached when our partner is not around… and thought about the sex and even more sex… 


Call what you will this state that we go through when we find someone who is compatible with us mentally and physically or find someone who maybe shares our ideals and visions. It’s either love or lust, but it still comes down to the same thing.


And the million dollar questions are always the same: how long will this state of love last? How long can this euphoric existence be maintained? Why does the world and our daily life routines need to get in the way of our true love? True love where nothing else seems to matter…


From the people I talk to, it seems that this honeymoon period can last from anywhere from between two to five years. A period when all you do is think about and long for each other… until routine sets in… . Such routine may be brought upon by living together or spending more and more time together (as compared to, say, a enjoying a long distance relationship when time together is limited and more precious) or maybe the biggest game changer of them all… having a child!


I hate to sound like a pessimist, as I’m definitely not a pessimist by nature! Unfortunately the reality is that love and passion in most relationships are always on a steady but sure decline from the very beginning… 


Although, saying that, there is always hope! And many people live long and happy lives together, and remain in love all of the time. If you and your lover want to rekindle your relationship, and keep that love going forever, you can! True love never dies, and you can always find a way to make things better, if you both want to. You can nurture your relationship, talk to each other more about what are your  hopes, boundaries, desires…


Treat each other like you did in the beginning of the relationship, before all the daily routines set in… Do you remember those days?


Sometimes though, relationships end, for whatever reason, and they just aren’t meant to be. Some people, (many, actually!) are single by choice, and happily single! Some people are happily single, but at the same time still desire that intimacy, that comfort, that affection…


And that’s another reason I am here, to help rekindle for you some of the passion and love (and lust) we all need in our everyday lives!








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