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What would you like me to write about?

15 May 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne



If you’ve read through my blog a bit, you will notice I write about all different kinds of topics. Some of them sex-related; some of them about different life issues we all may face; and some of them about no topic in particular! I just write whatever is on my mind. 




I love writing, and I love sharing my thoughts with you, and sharing things about me that help you get to know me more.


I love writing about things that may inspire you, enrich your life, or make you smile. 


I love helping you to be the best you can be, enjoy life to the fullest, to be happy and help to make others happy. Whether I meet you or not, this is my goal. 


My blog isn’t all about promoting my services, and that’s evident in the fact that whether or not I see you, I want you to be able to read my blog and take away something that makes you smile, inspires you, or just something that you can relate to, no matter who or where you are!


If you are reading my blog, then my blog was written for you. 


That’s why I’m asking you, “What would you like me to write about?”


At any given time, I usually have anywhere from 5 to 20 topics that I’d like to eventually write a blog post about. Whenever I think of an idea, I jot it down, put some thought to it, and think I’ll write a blog post about that when the time is right.


But as any writer knows, sometimes you can’t just write what you want and make it sound like how you want it to be. Sometimes you have to wait until the time is right, and your creative juices are flowing… And then you put pen to paper and the words just flow out. You look back at it at the end and think ‘wow, I just wrote that,’ because you were in the zone, where you could create a masterpiece. Well, maybe not a masterpiece, but I hope some of my wrting is quite alright. Maybe even almost a masterpiece, hehe.


You get what I’m saying though, sometimes I might write a blog post all at once, and it sounds great; other times I may have bits and pieces written down for a topic, and it isn’t for weeks or months that my creative juices flow there and work their magic.


The same is true of many writers, whether it’s writing books, poetry, essays, songs; Indeed, any type of artwork, from songs and movies, to paintings and drawings… Sometimes you can write about or create anything you like; and at other times it just happens when it happens, when the time is right, and boom, magic is made!


Like when Queen produced ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ Leonardo da Vinci painted ‘The Mona Lisa,’ Shakespeare wrote ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ or when Jane Austen wrote ‘Persuasion.’


I love writing my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it.


While I always have many blog ideas floating around in my mind, my blog is written for YOU, so I’d love to hear what you’d like me to write about.


I’d love your opinion, and I appreciate and value your feedback.


It could be anything – Something you think is an important topic that affects women; something that interests you; something you’d like to know about me; maybe something you’d like to know my opinion about?


Whatever it is, if you have any ideas of what you’d like to read about in my blog, please get in touch today and let me know,


“What would you like me to write about?”


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