Leo Dale

Vaginal Massage, with your male escort Leo

Vaginal Massage, with your male escort Leo


20 December 2014

Do you sometimes feel like when you have sex, you don’t feel as good as you should? Do you want to have an orgasm that slowly builds up through your whole body, as you are sensually massaged and touched all over, from your head to your toes, until your vagina is massaged ever so intimately, making you want more and more?

While I am a massage therapist, and have years of experience, as well as specialising in everything sensual when it comes to pleasing a woman… One of my specialties is vaginal massage…

I love to slowly relax and stimulate your body all over, and then move to your vagina, spending lots of time massaging, until the sensation is so overwhelming that your body releases all of your sensual energy, in a wonderful orgasm.

It is a pleasure so fine that no lady should be denied. 🙂

While you are safe in my strong, loving hands, you can relax and not only let any cares and worries disappear, but let your mind and body experience bliss that is one of a kind.

I can do a full body massage, wherever you would like, which can either be a non-sensual massage… Or it can be sensual and include an amazing vaginal massage… Or more… The choice is yours, and I am yours…



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