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I love writing my Blog

I love writing my Blog


15 December 2014

I love writing in my blog, and sharing with you what’s on my mind.

I’ve always been a creative type of person; a thinker. Someone who frequently has new ideas and suggestions on how to improve things, make them better. An ideas man. An entrepreneur.

When I first started my website, my original ideas were to use this medium to help me promote my services and let my prospective clients get to know something more about me; to learn about what I do and what I can offer; to know that I am a real, caring person who will always be there for my clients.

The thought of writing a blog – in a way a journal of my thoughts and experiences – has always appealed to me as, ever since I was young, I have always enjoyed creative writing and expressing my thoughts on paper, when I have got around to it.

So, once I had decided to do a regular blog to keep my clients, and anyone else who may be interested, updated and informed about what I do – my thoughts, dreams and aspirations – it was easy to put pen to paper, as it were; or maybe I should say fingers to the keyboard and iphone touch-screen! 🙂

Of course, now and then I am too busy to find the inspiration for a new topic or even sit down and write the piece I have in mind… Sometimes I wonder how I do it.. But the main thing is that I do so enjoy writing about my thoughts, about things which are important to me, maybe even just about how I may feel on a particular day – that I always look forward to working on my next blog post.

As anyone who is a writer, author, poet, song-writer, or any type of creative artist knows – sometimes ideas just come to you, and it’s time to write! And I love when I have a thought of a blog entry that I’d like to share, and start writing 🙂

The additional pleasure comes when I get such positive feedback from my clients about my blog, with most telling me that it’s both enjoyable and fascinating to read my inner thoughts.

Well, I’ve got plenty more ideas about things to write about, it really just comes down to making that time to be creative and write them.

And all it leaves me to say is: I hope you enjoy reading my usual blog pieces as much as I do writing them!








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