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13 January 2019


A lot of people seem to focus on the negative things in life, which is unfortunate, because we attract more of what we focus on. Which means that in general, people who focus on the negative parts of their life, tend to experience even more negative things now and into the future. If your focus is on the negative aspects of life, you’ll probably miss out on the good stuff.


It’s like we set our boundaries of our limitations within our minds. It seems like a never ending cycle, and that’s because what we focus on is what grows.


The more positive things we focus on, the more positive experiences we bring to our lives, and the lives of others.


As hard as it can be to change your life for the better, you can do it. By changing the way your body moves, and the way your mind thinks.


We can choose how we want to feel. 


I’m not saying that life will be all peaches and cream, and that if you think happy thoughts all the time, then you’ll always be happy all the time, and attract good things in every area of your life – but in general, it works, and any one of us can choose right now, to make our life better than it is, and make it better and better each day.

Sure, we all have problems, and I’m not at all trying to downplay anything that anyone has been through! 


Some people have had the most horrific things happen to them, things we’d never wish upon anyone, and it wasn’t their fault at all! Things like that unfortunately can’t be deleted from memory just like that. 



Some people suffer from negative experiences on a daily basis. It may be uncontrollable chronic pain, depression, anxiety, or other health conditions. Financial circumstances, family and living conditions, psychopathic ex-partners. All kinds of things can make us feel down, and not just make us feel down, but downright despondent.


But anything in life that happens to us, as bad and as negative an experience as it can be, we can choose to either let it bring us down, or to learn from it, to grow, to progress, and flourish as the unique person that we are.


We don’t need to be a consequence of a sum of things, a victim of circumstance, or if we are then why can’t we use it to our advantage..


Allow your journey to strengthen you, not crush you, as sometimes it may seem is its intention.


There is always something positive in our lives, something wonderful. And those things are what we need to focus on, if we want to be happy, and bring more happiness into our lives, and the lives of others.


A simple internet search will see the stories of some absolutely remarkable souls who have overcome some of the most horrific experiences. You may well know people in your own life, or be one.


The people who are asked how did you do it, how are you doing it and now you’re using this to help others?


Those people found a way to see through the darkest of days and find a way to make sure their experiences would not break them, but in fact make them stronger, and in turn, even be able to help others.


I’m sure they will all agree that the battle to this place, of immense strength, which we all posses, is through the mind.


Start the snowball to positivity with practising gratitude. Keep a gratitude journal and daily acknowledge five things that you are grateful for.. Listen to uplifting happy music.. When you feel the least like moving, get outside and move.. Appreciate the little things around you, utilising your senses.. sight, smell, touch, taste.. 


Practice kindness, help others. After all we are all fighting our own battles.. Kindness, a service to one another that costs nothing..


Kindness is truly is the most warming gift to give and receive, and it’s contagious, like a smile.


What we focus on, grows. 




Tony Robbins is a well-known life coach, motivational speaker, philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur.


Robbins had a rough childhood, after and during which he got to a point where he realised that we can either choose to let life happen to us, or we can take control of our lives, and make the world a better place.


Happiness comes from within, and if you make yourself happy, you can make others happy too.


Tony Robbins runs life coaching seminars and events, where he helps to inspire people, to motivate, and to become the best that they can be.


He likes to help people create a psychology where they can feel great about themselves, and achieve anything –  whether you want to lose weight, make more money, have a better love life, improve your relationship with your children and loved ones, be more confident, be a better person, the list goes on!


One of Tony’s greatest messages, and something that is important to his life, is giving. Helping to contribute to make other people’s lives better, and help people in every way he can, is something Tony Robbins is passionate about.


While he makes millions of dollars per year, he has always been a generous person, and he puts it to good use, being a philanthropist, and running companies that are giving essential things to millions of people. Helping millions of people every year, every day. 


“It is not what we get – But who we become, what we contribute, that gives meaning to our lives.”

– Tony Robbins


Through his seminars and writing, he is helping millions of people, and millions of people every day are being inspired and positively influenced every day just by listening to his YouTube videos – Anyone can tune in now!

Indeed, I love that with my work, I am able to help people make their lives better, and I contribute daily to making people feel great, and be the best they can be. 


Whether it’s:

Talking through things that you have been through, and suggesting ways forward…

Connecting with your inner sexual goddess…

A relaxing sensual massage…

No-strings-attached mind-blowing sex… 

Helping make you feel wonderful within yourself, and to heal…

Simply enjoying each other’s company…

Anything else at all…

Or all of the above, and more…! 

I love to be a positive difference in people’s lives.


With my work comes a lot of driving, with an average week having me on the road at least 30+ hours. I’m not complaining about the driving at all, because it enables me to touch people’s lives in amazing ways. Being on the road also gives me a lot of time to myself, and a chance to catch up on the news with programs on the radio, relax listening to music… and feed my mind, with inspirational audio and YouTube videos.


And that’s where I discovered Tony Robbins, and the messages he brings.


I’ve listened to hours of YouTube videos by Tony Robbins in the last couple months, a lot of them over and over again. 

TR covers so many topics, and really helps to help you create and shape your way of thinking to a point where you are happier, healthier, and more successful than ever before.


“The secret to living is giving.”

– Tony Robbins


Every person, whether you have things in your life that you’d like to change, or if you are happy with where you’re at, can benefit from listening to Tony Robbins’ work.


Why not take a listen, and see what you think?


When you feed your mind, and create more awareness, you can expand your own boundaries of what is possible, and change your life in ways that you couldn’t previously imagine.


The power is within you!



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